Rock Against Homelessness

One of the problems with which Ireland has to struggle, is homelessness. Walking on the streets of Dublin, it is very easy to notice, what the scale of the problem is. However, there are organizations, which fight for a better future for those people. They often organize events, where food is provided for the homeless. On 7th April there will be a concert, “ Rock against homelessness”, which will try to raise your awareness about the problem.

People need to know that everyone deserves to be safe and there are so many people for who even the basic needs aren’t provided, like a warm place to stay. One of the member of the organization Focus Ireland, says “ 2,407 children have nowhere to call home in Ireland. Last month a person in every 5 hours became homeless. This is unacceptable and should change. The organisation works very hard to improve the life of those people. In such a crisis, events like Rock against Homelessness helps put a spotlight on the issue and raise vital funds for our service to support people who have lost their homes”.

On stage you will see Hamsadwich, Finbar Furey, The Blizzards, Delorentos, Paul Cleary, Ivy Nations, and August Well. They definitely give you a great time, but what is more important, the gig will raise awareness of the homelessness crisis.

The ticket costs 30 euros – you can buy it at the website

The gig takes place at the Olympia Theater.

Don’t miss the concert, because, it is for a good cause.

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