7 best YouTube channels to learn English

Youtube channels to learn English

English lessons are expensive if you want to attend a private school or have private lessons with a teacher. However, it is possible to learn for free and Youtube is the perfect platform for that. There are hundreds of videos to help you to learn English and this can be overwhelming, but here’s a list of the 7 best YouTube channels to learn English. 

     1. English with Lucy YouTube channel

Lucy is a British English teacher who has an amazing personality and this makes her videos entertaining. They are about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, tips to improve your English, and even about the British culture. All of them are short videos – less than 30 minutes. Some of them are also with other YouTube teachers about the different English accents and words that are not the same in British as in American or Australian English. For example, chips, fries, and crisps. 

All her videos have subtitles, which helps the learners to easily follow the video. Another useful thing about her channel is that she always shares a PDF with the vocabulary or explanations she made on the video.


     2. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

This channel has a combination of short videos and long ones. So here you can learn something simple in less than 10 minutes. This is an advantage as, often, you don’t learn a language due to lack of time. So, with short videos, you can learn something new when you are on the bus on your way to work or school. 

But you can learn more about a certain topic on the other videos that are around 2 or even 5 hours long. In addition, if you have free time, you can access this channel, grab a notebook, and attend a lesson. This is possible because they have two live classes during the day, every day of the week. 

     3. Rachel’s English – pronunciation

Every person who starts learning English has struggled with pronunciation at some point. That’s why this channel is one of the best. This English teacher posts videos about how to move your mouth for good pronunciation. Also, it is focused on American English. So if you want to learn this English and its accent, this channel is for you. 

Furthermore, she has a series of videos about learning English with the news. As they are part of daily life, they are a good way to improve your English because you learn words that you are going to use to communicate. If you want to have a look at Rachel’s content, she shares videos every Tuesday. 

     4. Improve your pronunciation with BBC Learning English 

The BBC Youtube channel to help non-native speakers to learn English is one of the most complete ways to improve your English. It posts a lot of videos about vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It also has live classes and video quizzes. As it is a media company, they also share videos about news reviews

What makes this channel different from the others is that its website has a lot of content to help you to keep learning. For example, every video has a link to the website where you can review what you learnt. You can also download the resources for free. So, there’s no excuse to not improve your English. 


     5. Learn English with TV series

Watching series is another good way to learn languages. However, it can be something hard too because you are paying attention to what is happening in the episode instead of taking notes of what you don’t understand, like new words or expressions. That’s why this channel is good if you like to watch series. It uses clips and, at the same time, explains the vocabulary, verbs, and expressions. It is perfect to learn with the context of how to use them. 

All the videos shared follow a three step structure. You watch the clip of the film with subtitles on the first one. Then, you learn words and get an explanation for them. All of this using the film chosen for that video. Finally, you can do a test on what you watched. 

    6. JenniferESL 

This YouTuber shares short videos. They are a combination of grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading. Here, she teaches a specific word and uses it in context to make it easier for the learners to understand. This can be a certain topic, such as makeup, hair, mailing a letter, etc. The video is like having a conversation with her because she uses the vocabulary around that topic as if she were telling a story. She also uploads longer videos as part of a series called Basic English with Jennifer. They are recorded lessons with her students, so you can learn from other people’s mistakes too.

     7. VOA learning English on YouTube 

VOA (Voice of America) Learning English is a multimedia source to learn English through news and information. On their channel, they share one-minute videos about worldwide news that has happened the same day. They also have a list of videos known as English @ the movies. With them, you can learn the English you hear in the movies. 

This channel has a website too, where you have the content sorted from beginner to advanced level. Besides, as they are a platform to learn, they organise speaking sessions with learners and post them on their YouTube channel as well. If you want to participate in one of these meetings, you can join for free at talk2usvoa.eventbrite.com. As it is an online lesson, you will need Microsoft Teams Meeting to connect to it. 


Learning a language can be a long process and sometimes even frustrating. So, finding an entertaining way to learn is important and that’s why these YouTube channels will help you to improve your English while you have fun. However, as you learn on your own, your progress will depend on the time you invest in it. Have you heard about these channels before? Let us know in the comments below.


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