Social munchies: Late night restaurants in Dublin

Feeling a little peckish after a long night of socialising and dancing? Check out our list of the best Late-night restaurants in Dublin to help you satisfy those larger induced cravings.

We’ve all been in that place where two beers turn into five and suddenly it’s just past midnight and many pubs stop serving food, some restaurants close and it’s highly problematic to get home on an empty stomach. Let’s say that your night out was intense and hilarious, or your work shift in the night club was hectic and it left you with an insatiable hole in your stomach. Well, do not despair. We created a list with a few of the late-night restaurants in Dublin scattered around the neighbourhoods to help you with your midnight munchie cravings and to encourage you to broaden your choices: there’s really no need to settle for your local kebab shop. 

Dollard & Co

Let’s start with Dollard&Co. Either from its entrance on Temple Bar or on East Essex St, this joint is a living paradise, both for early morning or very late-night bites. Satisfy your midnight, or later, cravings with one of their delicious pizza hatches, for everyone’s taste. The store/deli/café is open until 4 am, I honestly don’t see a better place to go if you’re nearby and in desperate need of a pizza. 

Where: 2-5 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 PK72, Ireland

Bobos Burgers

Whether you’ve partied hard on O’Connel St, Wexford St or Dame St, Bobo’s Burgers follows your night owl steps and welcomes you into one of their joints. This place knows how to cook up a delicious burger! The food is almost as good as the names on the menu:  The Dubliner, The Sex on the Farm, The Emancipator, just to mention a few. Their large selection of toppings will leave you wishing you could take one of everything. And it will definitely help you to sleep like a baby!

Where: 22 Wexford Street, Dublin 02, Ireland

50-51 Dame Street, Dublin 2

74 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Ephesus Kebab

This kebab and falafel place will surely satisfy your late-night foodie needs, fast! Nothing more than a juicy and tasty Turkish kebab or falafel wrap to end the night. Whether you were getting back from work or on your way home after a few pints, Ephesus Kebab offers you a cosy spot inside, and the very welcoming and friendly staff will do their best to help you decide the nature of your craving. Bonus: they also prepare some pizzas hanches for the less exotic stomachs. Open until 2 am at the weekends and till midnight the rest of the week. 

Where: 20 Capel St, Dublin Northside, Dublin 1, Ireland

Burritos & Blues

Dublin is packed with Mexican places where you can eat burritos or nachos or some fine chilli con carne. But Burritos & Blues is surely the best among them all, hands down! Located all over the capital (and not only Dublin: they also have a small spot in Cork too), Burritos & Blues serves you authentic Mexican dishes, and in their Wexford St venue until 4 am. The open kitchen will bewitch you with the chefs’ acrobatic moves while preparing your food. Let the funky music and the delicious food make you finish off the night with the right attitude. 

Where: 2 Wexford St, Dublin 2, D02 HY47, Ireland

Good World

If you fancy some good Asian food to finish off the night, don’t miss out the Good World Chinese restaurant. It is actually one of those places that specialise in late-night meals: it opens very late and it closes inevitably very late. Being an actual restaurant with tables, chairs and kind waiters ready to help you through your midnight snack decision making, this place is known for having the best Dim-Sum in Dublin, and a varied menu offering delicacies such as duck breast. Try the crab claws and the mix of dumplings: they’re the best solution if you head is very light and your belly very noisy. 

Where: 18 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Market Bar

A little far away from the hectic mayhem of George Street and Temple Bar routes, the Market Bar lies on Fade St. This huge open space aims to serve Mediterranean tapas menus until late. Open until 1.30 am on the weekends, this is the perfect place to enjoy some genuine healthy food without spending a fortune. The inside sky-lit interior decorates the original red-brick walls and the tall plants sprinkled around the rustic wooden benches create a warm and earthy atmosphere. Indeed, it’s the right place to terminate a lovely night with bellies full of good food.

Where: 14A Fade St, Dublin 2, Ireland


Let’s say you’re not really in the heart of the city for your night out. Let’s say that you’re around Dublin 6, specifically in Ranelagh or Rathmines, and you’re craving for some warm, flavoursome, spicy food. Well, Nightmarket is the place for you. It offers traditional, authentic, regional Thai food and spicy seafood dishes of Hua Hin while using as many local, quality ingredients as possible. Yes, this joint is a bit off the beaten path, but the food is undoubtedly filling and absolutely delicious. Totally worth a try! 

Where: 120 Ranelagh Dublin, 6, Ireland

Monty’s of Kathmandu

Wrapping up this suggestion list, as the night turns into the day, the last of our late-night restaurants is Monty’s of Kathmandu. If you fancy some Nepalese and Indian culinary vibes, please do try this hidden gem in Eustace Street. Run by a husband and wife team, Monty’s is the best choice for some late-night curry; after all, this is one of the best Nepalese Restaurant in Ireland. Don’t settle for a bog-standard curry house when the party ends, choose wisely. Choose Monty’s. And their wine list is totally spot on if you feel like finishing off your night off with an even lighter head.

Where: 28 Eustace Street, Dublin 2, Ireland



There should be an unspoken rule when eating a kebab after a night out, like “eat your kebab and go home.” Joke aside, this amazingly named place (it’s sort of impossible not to giggle when reading or hearing about it) is truly magical. They have all sorts of Doner and Turkish kebabs you could ask. In fact, besides the main meal, all the stuffings and dressings are top-notch. Found all over the capital, this chain’s branches are here to spread around the magic ingredients and cheerful vibe that only comfort food can give, especially kebabs.  Their variety of chips and burger options are a great suggestion to change it up a bit, if you don’t, somehow, fancy a Doner wrap. 


This place, in the middle of the mayhem of the city, is the only one you might desire at the end of a night out. Very popular among the youngsters, Falafel clearly offers you mostly falafel wraps but not without a Lebanese/Syrian twist options. Generous portions, mouthwatering dressings and soft dough for your wrap, isn’t that what you were dreaming about since you left the club? If you want to chill out a bit before heading home or while enjoying your tasteful bite Falafel also offers you the chance to smoke some shisha inside too. Honestly, just get there already and spend your entire night inside!

Where: 11 Essex Street East, Dublin, Ireland

And there you have it. Whether you’re looking for an exotic spicy fix or something less exotic, we’ve got you covered with our suggestion to the best of late-night restaurants in Dublin.

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