St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

Ireland and the world celebrated yesterday (March 17) St Patrick’s Day 2019 with parades, parties and endless activities. This year around half a million attendees were estimated in Dublin city.

This Festival is a monumental occasion for Ireland. More than 3,000 people took part in the country’s largest St Patrick’s Day parade, celebrating Irish storytelling.

Thousands of people attended this and other events across the country when Irish and international bands charmed the crowds and offered rhythmically captivating music, floats, street theatre and ceremonies. Organisers estimated that more than 100,000 overseas visitors joined the home crowd, enjoying around two hours of performances.


There were 8 American Marching bands, 2 Irish and 1 German. Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring led the parade joined by the Grand Marshals, Deirdre O’Kane and Jason Byrne. President Michael D Higgins made also an appearance and, one of the highlights of the day was the flyover by the Irish Air Corps -their very first time participating in a yearly parade.

Even though showers had been forecasted, it was a sunny afternoon.
Here, some of the pictures taken from St. Patrick’s Catedral, Dame St and Westmoreland St.

St Patrick's Parade 2019 in Dublin City. Crowd.
The Crowd and Lord Mayor of Dublin starting the Parade.
St Patrick's Parade 2019 in Dublin City. March.
Marching band at the St Patrick’s Parade 2019 in Dublin City. 
St Patrick's Parade 2019 in Dublin City. Crowd.
The Crowd enjoying the Dublin St. Patrick’s Parade 2019. 
St Patrick's Parade 2019 in Dublin City. Before the parade.
Visitors enjoying the view in Dame St. 
Gardaí organising the events in the streets of Dublin.
Gardaí organising the events in the streets of Dublin.

All the images by Andreina Gonzalez.

As stated by RTE News, St Patricks Day is the national holiday that’s marked in more countries around the world than any other – and it’s also the day when everyone wants to be Irish. Sinead Crowley reported hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the Festival events in Dublin:

President Michael D Higgins tweeted on the day, giving value to what green truly means these days:


Visit St. Patrick’s Festival Website to know today’s events. Don’t miss out!

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