Streaming Picks 01/05: What To Watch On Irish Streaming Services This Weekend

As most of us get ready for a longer weekend than usual, now is a good time as any to remember that good movies don’t take days off. On this week’s streaming picks: murder, philosophy, and angry dog lovers.


  • Zodiac (2007, directed by David Fincher, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr)



Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime.

What is it about? Unless even the thought of serial killers gives you nightmares, chances are that the name of the Zodiac killer is a familiar one to you. Taking place during the late 60s, Fincher’s film follows political cartoonist Robert Graysmith and San Francisco police forces as they collaborate to try to track down the mysterious figure terrorizing the city. Confusing clues and extreme anxiety follows.

Why should I watch it? Like every other “based on a true story” film, there’s no real surprise as to where Fincher’s take on the Zodiac investigation will lead. What makes the film thrilling is not the suspense of not knowing who will turn out to be behind the murders, as that is a question that will most likely remain one without an answer. The pleasure of watching the film lies in its somber atmosphere, as well as nearly faultless direction and performances. Meticulously crafted and entrancing from start to finish, this is the definite proof that even old stories can still feel brand new.

The best of our streaming picks for: True crime enthusiasts, or those that always wondered what it would be like to see Hulk and Iron Man collaborate on a murder investigation.


  • Things to Come (2016, directed by Mia Hansen-Løve, starring Isabelle Huppert)



Where can I watch it? Channel 4.

What is it about? Nathalie is a Parisian middle-aged professor who has been lucky enough to turn her lifelong passion, philosophy, into a way to make a living. Her life is carefully constructed around intellectual discussions with her students on one side and with her family on the other. But as her world falls apart once her husband leaves her and her mother dies, Nathalie will have to find a meaning for her new life outside of her books.

Why should I watch it? This is not the film to pick if you are looking for explosions and blockbuster type of thrills – but if the world of philosophy has always seemed alien to you, this may just be the right introduction for you. Talking about an upper-class Parisian woman that has clearly never broken outside of a very privileged bubble could have easily led to a film made for a restrictive audience; and while it is true that Nathalie will most likely be light years away from most of us, the questions around love, life and the passage of time that Things to Come quietly asks us are universal enough to appeal to even the less philosophy-oriented of us. Add to this a beautiful performance from Isabelle Huppert and gorgeous rural French landscapes and you have a surprisingly great film.

The best of our streaming picks for: A rainy afternoon full of red wine and questions without answers. 

  • John Wick (2014, directed by David Leitch & Chad Stahelski, starring Keanu Reeves)


Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime.

What is it about? John is a regular happy family man, with one notable exception: his past as one of the most dangerous assassins on the planet. When everything is taken away from him, he puts on his hitman coat again to track down the gangsters that took away his last bit of happiness.

Why should I watch it? Keanu Reeves has been a familiar face of action films in the past few decades, and there is a reason why John Wick is one of his most famous role. While the plot of the film isn’t the most complicated (yet just convincing enough to make us care about the madness that follows), the slick neo-noir aesthetic and perfectly choreographed fight sequences make for a worthy introduction to one of the best action franchises of the last few years. And as an added bonus, it is one of the rare film series that just gets better and more impressive with each new instalment: you can rent Chapter 2 on many services (such as Google Play or Sky Store) and the more recent Chapter 3 is even available on Netflix.

The best of our streaming picks for: Adrenaline junkies, dog lovers, or both.

  • Cloud Atlas (2012, directed by The Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer, starring Tom Hanks, Doona Bae, Halle Berry & Hugh Grant)


Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime.

What is it about? Six different stories. Six different time periods, from the 19th century to a post-apocalyptic future. Way, way more than six actors. An exploration of how small, long-forgotten actions can still affect people centuries after.

Why should I watch it? Clocking in at nearly three hours of runtime and intertwining six different stories with no apparent connections outside of the characters, this is not the film to pick for a light watch. But if you are prepared for a unique experience and have a long attention span, Cloud Atlas can prove to be a mess in the most beautiful way possible. Adapted from the notoriously difficult novel of the same name by David Mitchell, the film’s sole existence is such an ambitious project that even its most glaring flaws can be forgiven in the blink of an eye. Buckle in for a ride like no other.

The best of our streaming picks for: Seasoned science-fiction and Wachowski fans.

Which one of our streaming picks caught your attention this week? What did we miss? Let us know!

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