Streaming Picks 10/04: What To Watch On Irish Streaming Services This Weekend

Streaming Picks

With the lack of events in the outside world at the moment, most of us have turned to entertainment in the comfort of our homes. And it’s true: there are few things quite as relaxing as putting on a great movie or TV show after an exhausting day of work. However, the ever-increasing streaming options and their expanding catalogues means that it can be hard to know what to choose to settle on. Here’s our selection of the best new streaming picks on Irish streaming services to watch this weekend.

Netflix. Amazon Prime. Mubi. Disney +. Sky Go. These names may have already been on your radar before, but with the start of social distancing, there is a good chance that Irish streaming services have become some of your biggest allies in the face of boredom. Each week, hundreds of new movies and TV shows are added to the endless possibilities of a very simple question: what should I watch tonight ? As the weekend rolls around, Babylon chooses its favourite new streaming picks.



  • Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (2015, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, starring Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, RJ Cyler and Jon Bernthal)


Where can I watch it? Netflix.

What is it about? Greg is your usual teenage loner: not particularly fitting in any crowd, he makes the best out of his boring life by avoiding social interaction and making weird low-budget parody films with his best (and only) friend Earl. Everything changes when his mother forces him to befriend Rachel, a sarcastic classmate who has just been diagnosed with leukemia.

Why should I watch it? Adapted from Jesse Andrews’ debut novel, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl avoids the overly sentimental tropes of teenage entertainment and prefers to tell its story through a sharp sarcastic sense of humour and genuinely promising cast of young actors. The little featurettes that Greg and Earl produce parodying classic films will charm cinephiles, and the rest of the movie is welcoming enough for everyone to find something to like in it.

The best of our streaming picks for: People tired of sappy stories and looking for a more honest, yet funny, take on the teenage experience.


  • The Book of Life (2014, directed by Jorge R. Guttierez, starring Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum)


Where can I watch it? Netflix.

What is it about? Manolo is the newest talent from a line of acclaimed bullfighters, but he has a terrible secret: his true love is his guitar, not his cape. His other love is Maria, his childhood friend, who is about to marry the great but superficial Joaquin. After an unfortunate accident, Manolo dies and finds himself in the Land of the Remembered, where celebrated souls get to spend the rest of eternity celebrating. Manolo only has a few hours to try to convince ancient Gods to return him to life and his one true love, and to convince his family that living his passion might not be such a bad thing after all.

Why should I watch it? The Book of Life is a passion project that took many years to develop, and it shows in every way. The visuals are a constant explosion of vibrant colour and every aspect of the film, from its music to its use of folklore, shows a true love and respect for Mexican culture. While the film is kid-friendly, the story deals with themes that are universal and complex enough to keep parents invested.

The best of our streaming picks for: An above-average family movie night.


  • Under The Skin (2014, dir. Jonathan Glazer, starring Scarlett Johansson) 


Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime.

What is it about? An alien comes to Earth under the traits of Scarlett Johansson to prey on young men in the dark streets of Scotland. It is the kind of film that gets better the less you know about it, but we’ll warn you: things get strange.

Why should I watch it? Probably the least accessible of our picks so far, Under The Skin definitely isn’t for everyone. We hope that you like the film’s eerie soundtrack, because there won’t be much of anything else to listen to. Characters are silent, scenes aren’t explained, everything seems ever so slightly off. Yet there is something in the way this out-of-the-box science-fiction story is told that will stick with you for a long time after you watch it, and keep you captivated if you give it a chance.

The best of our streaming picks for: We’re not quite sure, but probably not a date night. Yes, this movie manages to make naked Scarlett Johansson not even the tiniest bit enticing. That might be enough reason to watch it.

  • What We Do In The Shadows (2014, directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi)


Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime.

What is it about? A documentary crew follows four vampire flatmates from four different eras struggling to adjust to the struggles of modern life. Hunting for human blood every night is hard enough without having to figure out how to pay rent or trying to understand the workings of modern fashion.

Why should I watch it? Before Taika Waititi rose to unprecedented levels of fame by directing Thor Ragnarok and the Oscar-nominated Jojo Rabbit, he was producing low-budget comedies in his New Zealand home; and the results were more often than not hilarious. What We Do In The Shadows mixes pop culture references, a fun concept and huge comedic talent from the cast to offer a mostly improvised, always funny ride. And if you like it, here’s some good news: the film’s fanbase was so loud about wanting more of these vampires that a spin-off TV show was developed, available to stream now on SkyGo!

The best of our streaming picks for: People who watched The Office and thought it was good, but could have used a little more blood.


Did we miss your favourite new addition to Irish streaming services in our streaming picks? If so, let us know down below, and tell us about your choice of weekend watching!

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