Thanksgiving the Irish way

Lá an Altaithe sona daoibh! – that’s what you could hear on November 23rd if you are in Ireland. Happy Thanksgiving Day! In this article, we’ll tell you some interesting facts about the “Irish Thanksgiving” and also share some tips on how and where to spend it.


The Irish people always bring a special something to traditional holidays. Did you know, for example, that police consider Thanksgiving Eve on a par with St. Patrick’s Day in America, in terms of alcohol consumption? Blackout Wednesday, as the day is also called, is “definitely busier than New Year’s,” – they say. “I’d put it up there with St. Patrick’s Day.”


It is widely accepted that the first Thanksgiving Day was prompted by a good harvest. Some historians though say that it was established to celebrate the generosity of Irish people. According to this version, starving pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were saved by the arrival of a ship from Dublin, bursting with provision. From records at the Massachusetts Historical Society, we find out that the wife of one Plymouth Rock prominent pilgrim was the daughter of a Dublin merchant. And it was his vessel that came bearing food. So the Irish saved the day.


About 50 million Americans will be home this weekend, celebrating the holiday. Don’t despair if you are in Ireland, there are plenty of pubs and other places where you can enjoy the full Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some of them:


These groups of expats are hosting tonight, some dinners are free – 2017 Thanksgiving Dinner with Democrats Abroad Ireland at Hilton Hotel, others require a small contribution – The Thanksgiving Takeover at the Gasworks Bar, but it’s free for children under 12. Bring a dish and surprise Anna who hosts dinner in Cabinteely today, click for more details: Dun Laoghaire Potluck Dinner Club.


Join the traditional celebration at the Merry Ploughboy Pub in Rockbrook, or book a table at O’Connell’s Restaurant in Donnybrook. Want something fancy? Right in the middle of the city centre, near St Stephen’s Green, The Fitzwilliam Hotel will prepare you a superb-looking meal. For a traditional turkey & football night, visit The Woolshed on Parnell Street.


The Beaufield Mews in Stillorgan will have a surprise for you: it offers you quiz and spot prizes to accompany your meal.


Lots of fun parties and events on November 23rd, don’t miss out!

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