Thursday Night Events

Five good places where you can enjoy your night

McNeills Trad Music Pub Sessions

McNeills, 140 Capel Street, Dublin 7

21:30, Thu 30 Jun

Every Thursday a free Trad Session takes place in McNeill’s and often there are high profile Trad musicians performing.


The Little Big Party

Dame Court, Dublin 2

23:00, Thu 30 Jun

Skinny but Strong plays an eclectic mix of soul, indie and rock’n’roll. The Little Big Party takes place every Thursday and admission is free.


International Bar Jazz Night

The International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

21:30, Thu 30 Jun

Every Thursday a Jazz night takes place in the International Bar. Groups led by Cote Calmet, Sean Maynard Smith, Dominique Mullan, Paddy Groenland, Georgia Cusack and Alex Mathias are performing regularly with occasional guest players but there are also other band from all over.


Karaoke Night, Woolshed Baa & Grill

The Parnell Center, Parnell Street, Dublin 1

21:30, Thu 30 Jun

Hear people attempt to sing the classics, the one-hit wonders, the ridiculous and the downright cheesy, each week and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic night out, even if you don’t sing. Drink promotions and admission is free.


Cabin Sessions, Dundrum, Gig

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Rosemount, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14

21:30, Thu 30 Jun

The Cabin Sessions are back with The All Star Cabin Crew featuring Spats Davenport (guitar), Cathy McEvoy (fiddle), Christian Volkmann (harmonica), Dave Hardy (sax), Richard Hawkins (banjo) and with special guests Emma Butler, Keith Burke and Dos Hombres.

Admission is free.


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