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By Judit Sadurni / November 5, 2020

More and more brands are joining this format and each year they run out of stock earlier. To save you to search, here we bring you the top 10 advent calendars on the market. Although there is still a month and 20 days left until Christmas, if this year you have decided to give yourself an early present, you should start looking at what advent calendar you would like to open.

The advent calendar is not a modern product, although consumerism has taken over most holiday traditions. It was created in 1908 by Gerhard Lang, who redesigned the advent calendar that his grandmother gave him when he was a kid. He was a participant of the printing office Reichhold & Lang, where he produced small and colored images that he attached to a cardboard every day in December. He called this product “Christmas Calendar” or “Munich Calendar”. This concept evolved and at the beginning of the 20th century the first advent calendar with windows was commercialized. 

A curious fact is that the first calendar filled with chocolate was not invented until 1958, the previous ones contained images, religious pictures or figurines. Although today we are not going to talk about calendars filled with sweets, we must emphasize that the best sellers are always:

Godiva 2020 Holiday Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar
Reese’s Lovers Advent Calendar
Cadbury Advent Calendar

Currently, calendars containing mini size products have become popular. The market has shown a strict gender distinction, as always, and that is why we find many more products aimed at the female consumer than the male. The following list mixes different varieties of calendars for all tastes:

Friends: The One with the Surprises Advent Calendar

This television series is a classic that never gets boring. Years go by and it continues to be a trending topic, although this year even more after having announced the recording of its reunion special. This calendar is a one-of-a-kind book that takes readers back to iconic moments from the beloved hit show with mini trinkets and keepsakes.

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Pukka Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

A good option for those who are not a fan of sweets, this calendar contains 24 tea bags. Pukka Herbs is the UK’s largest organic tea company, and its herbal creations are crafted to connect as many people as possible to the beauty and power of nature. With this calendar you will be able to enjoy a warm cup of tea which will make December more bearable. 

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Pooch & Mutt Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs

Sharing is caring, this time we will not be the ones who get up every morning eager to open the new calendar box, but our pets. Buy your dog this calendar and make him the happiest animal by giving him 24 delicious and healthy treats.

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Shake Your Beauty Advent Calendar

One of the most famous calendar options is beauty advent calendars. Numerous makeup brands have joined the production of this Christmas gift in recent years. Benefit is one of the brands that is improving year after year, they put great care into their aesthetics and always include their new launches on the calendar. Despite only being 12 products, its price is well worth it if we compare it with its real value.

benefit advent calendar 2020 z Benefitshakeyourbeautyadventcalendar min 1200x1200

Vintage Wine Estates 12 Days Holiday Advent Calendar

A more original option is to give a drink as a gift. We have seen quite few beer advent calendars but the wine ones are less well known. If you want to give a special gift to someone special, wine will always be a good idea since giving wine always means giving new experiences. This calendar brings 12 bottles of wine that will surprise its recipient. 

alcohol advent calendars FB

Yankee Candle Magical Christmas Morning Advent Book Calendar

This is another special gift idea. The Yankee Candle brand is very famous for its signature fragrances. In this edition they have decided to include most of their candles from the Christmas collection, with scents such as “Singing Carols”, “Cinnamon Stick”, “Red Apple Wreath” or “Christmas Cookie”. It contains 10 medium size candles, lasting up to 16 hours and 15 small size candles lasting up to 6 hours. As described on their website, it is the perfect Christmas gift to help families and friends create precious moments during the festive season. 

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Man’Stuff by Technic 24 Day Mega Festive Countdown Christmas Advent Calendar

Another type of calendar that is very successful this year is the one containing products for beard care. This one specifically contains gels, scissors, waxes, combs, sponges… in short, everything you need to show off a neat beard. 

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