Top 3 Events for April 4th


Join in for the opening of a fresh new riso print show that celebrates the worlds of skate, graffiti, music, and tattoo. The lineup includes Rich Gilligan, Craig Dodds, Shane ODriscoll, Kurb Junki, Darren John, Mike Foster, Aches, Omin among many more. Limited edition prints will be available on the night at €30 a pop, each printed in 3-colour glory on the Damn Fine risograph. The launch night will include the premier of a new audiovisual performance by Kurb Junki featuring Jason McNamara on drums. There will also be a screening of a film by Joshua Gordon plus Complimentary drinks by Jameson. The evening is curated by Magnus Mudrack and Damn Fine Print.

Where: Damn Fine Print , 32 North Brunswick Street, Stoneybatter

When: 6pm to 9pm

Trinity and the Changing City: Social Class in Dublin: The Final Taboo

A panel discussion with Dr. Carole Holohan (TCD), Prof Kathleen Lynch (UCD), Dr. Michael Pierse (QUB) and Garrett Phelan as part of the ‘Trinity and the Changing City’ Series.

There has been very little public debate on class in Dublin compared to other social issues. Yet there are many class signals that lots of Dubliners can read, including accent, neighbourhood, and educational background. Social class is not only difficult to break out of but also impacts the life chances and health of Dubliners. In this interactive session Dr Carole Holohan, Assistant Professor in Modern Irish History at Trinity, Prof Kathleen Lynch, Professor of Equality Studies at University College Dublin, Dr Michael Pierse, Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts, English and Other Languages at Queen’s University Belfast, and Visual Artist Garrett Phelan shed light on one of the final taboos in Irish society.

Where: Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

When: 6:30pm to 8pm

Outitude by Sonya Mulligan

Outitude is a heartfelt documentary that attempts to get to the core of what it means to be lesbian – exploring what defines us, what connects us, and what our commonalities are. Conducting numerous interviews and group discussions with members of the Irish LGBTQI+ community of all ages and walks of life, the film delves into the lives of rural and urban lesbians, poets, writers, activists, self-professed bar dykes, and queer and curious women.

Where: ODEON Point Square, East Wall Road, Dublin

When: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

How much: €10,85

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