Top 3 Events for February the 21st

By Juliane Girl / February 21, 2019

Paint by the Pints – Fashion Week BYOB Paint Night

Discover your creative side at the no-experience-required paint night at POG cafe on Tara Street. This event is BYOB! Paint by the Pints is a fun-filled evening where guests are guided step-by-step through creating their masterpiece. Don’t worry if you haven’t painted since primary school – that’s the fun of the event! All materials are provided and a free drink is included to get your evening started on the right note! Then the rest of the night is BYOB. Also, they participate in a one-for-one program. Each canvas completed at an event translates to €1 donation to the art supplies fund for the non-profit organisation Children in Hospital Ireland!

Where: Póg Cafe, Trinity Plaza Tara St, Dublin

When: 7pm to 9pm

How much: €28

Jewish Culture on Screen

Inventing our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment (2011)

The screening is followed by a discussion with director and writer and co-producer, Toby Perl Freilich. Set against the backdrop of the kibbutz movement’s 100-year history, Inventing Our Life reveals the heartbreak and hope of Israel’s communal living experiment as a new generation of women and men confront an essential question: can a radically socialist institution survive a new capitalist reality? In this “illuminating and entertaining” (Jewish Week) documentary, director Toby Perl Freilich explores the modern history of Israel, from its revolutionary settlers to the political upheaval that shook the socialist foundations of the state. With their desire to create a Jewish homeland and build a more just society, the first settlers helped place kibbutzim in the vanguard of Israeli history. In doing so, they became a magnet for all those who shared one thing in common – a powerful urge to invent their own life.

Where: Trinity Long Room Hub, Fellows Square Trinity College, Dublin

When: 4:15pm

How much: Admission free, register here

Trinity Public Lecture – The Breakdown of Trust in Society

The School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin is pleased to invite you to a public lecture on “The Breakdown of Trust in Society”. Questions which will be explored include: Is trust in political institutions on the decline? How much does media bias affect electoral outcomes? And how can we re-establish trust in circumstances where trust has been lost?

Panel of speakers:

Dr. Emanuel Coman (Assistant Professor in Political Science) – “Trust in Political Institutions in Eastern Europe”

Professor Richard Layte (Professor of Sociology) – “Trust, Institutions and Health”

Dr. Gaia Narciso (Associate Professor in Economics) – “Media bias and Political Consensus”

Dr. Elizabeth Ventham (Teaching Fellow in Philosophy) – “Knowledge, Implicit Bias, and Bad Motivations: Understanding the Breakdown of Trust in Society”

Where: Thomas Davis Theatre Room 2043, Arts Building, 2nd Floor Trinity College, Dublin

When: 6pm to 7:30pm

How much: Admission free, registration recommended


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