Top 3 Events for March 27th

SVP Sustainable Fashion Show

DIT SVP Society & Arab Society present to you an alternative fashion experience, breaking your old conceptions of what a fashion show can be. TU Dublin’s charity SUSTAINABLE FASHION SHOW is all about diversity, inclusivity, and celebration of difference while showcasing to students that you can look cutting-edge wearing second-hand charity shop gear. Greeted at the door in the fashion of traditional Arabian generosity, take a glimpse into the world of Arabia before taking your seat for a night of Saint Vinvent de Paul’s very own fashion offered throughout their shops nationwide, M.C.’d by drag queen Avoca Reaction

See anything you fancy on the night? You can buy it here on the night for cheap. All proceeds benefit SVP.

Where: The Courtyard, DIT Aungier Street, Dublin

When: 6:30pm to 9pm

How much: €5

Candlelit Tales – The Sound of Now at The Stags Head

The Sound of Now – There was an old order in this land, a code of honour that bound us together in respect for one another and for nature, a belief that the most beautiful sound in the world was the sound of what is happening now, at this very moment. What happened to that old way? Why did we lose it, and can we find it again?

Where: The Stags Head, 1 Dame Court, Dublin

When: 7pm to 10pm

How much: €10

Across The Waves: The Seafaring Irish

Between 2015 and 2017, the Irish Naval Service rescued approximately 18,000 people in the Mediterranean Sea during Ondlelit Tperation Pontus. Their stories form part of our new temporary exhibition ‘Across The Waves: The Seafaring Irish’, in collaboration with the Irish Naval Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This new exhibition will explore the history of the Irish at sea and their stories of adventure, opportunity, and tragedy through the ages.

Where: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, The chq Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin

When: from 15th March to 12th April, 10am to 5pm

How much: Admission free with a ticket to the museum.

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