Top 3 Events for March 28th

By Juliane Girl / March 28, 2019

The Artful Roger Returns

More than two years have passed since Roger Berkeley launched his first single, Every Time, with more than 178,000 YouTube hits from 80 different countries. After a two year break, The Artful Roger returns to the scene with a brand-new single, Because I Can. The Artful Roger Returns will be a one-time celebration of reaching for the stars and aiming high in life, in an intimate venue in the centre of Dublin city. With homegrown support acts from the Dublin music scene.

The Artful Roger is piano-based music artist from Dublin, Ireland. Blending his classical influences with current pop/rock trends, his music evokes the emotion of real-life experiences. He performs with a relaxed, charismatic style, and draws in the audience with his words – both spoken and sung.

Where: The Underground, 64 Dame Street, Dublin

When: 7pm to 11:30pm

How much: €10

Merlin – World Premiere at Project Arts Centre

MERLIN is a dance-theatre quintet with a cast of five outstanding international performers. An emotional, engaging and physical dance work. Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli, in collaboration with a group of artists, present a rigorously structured group piece, chiseled choreography colliding with intuitive impulse: a mix of individual urge, group synchronicity, chaos, and order. MERLIN aims to merge animalism and finesse, in the choreography as much as in the movement vocabulary.

Where: Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

When: 7:30pm

How much: €14 – €16

The Tolka Hot Club

The Tolka Hot Club is a hot swing quartet formed by the banks of the river Tolka on Dublin’s north side, late in 2014. The group brings a body of music from the Roaring ’20s and ’30s, from both sides of the Atlantic right into the twenty-first century, with a few modern surprises! All this is delivered with the lush yet percussive ambiance that only strings can provide in the hypnotic Gypsy jazz style.

Where: Arthur’s Blues & Jazz Club, 28 Thomas Street, Dublin

When: 9pm to 11pm

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