Top 3 events this Monday (10 July)

Two door cinema club @ Trinity college

The Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club are part of this year’s summer concerts at Trinity College. Their third album Gameshow, released in October 2016, was said to be the Essex album of the year by Kelly Pennell, so make sure not to miss it if you are alternative / indie rock lover.

Entry price is €44.

Absolute Beginners @ The New Theatre

A new play from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Theatre Company at the New Theatre presenting what life is like inside the therapist’s office. The bittersweet comedy about two lost souls and their way to salvation.

Begins 19:30 at The New Theatre.

Entry price €16  / €12,50.|-6.266504|16

Traditional Storytelling Bus Tour

A custom built magic bus will take you through directly into Ireland’s past. The unique art of Irish storytelling, art, poetry and music will bring you on an incredible journey back in time of vikings, Leprechauns, epic battles, magic spells and dangerous quests. Experience the history now and book a tour!

The bus starts from College green and finishes at Church Bar, Merry street (approximate duration – 2 hours).

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