Top 3 events Thursday

1. Whole Lotta Voltage AC/DC Tribute at The Bowery

From Thunderstruck to TNT and Back in Black, Whole Lotta Voltage are presenting the all time biggest AC/DC hits.

Tonight The Bowery are holding their Tribute Thursdays with a very special rock night. Whole Lotta Voltage will be playing the widely known AC/DC top songs, giving you the 16831886_1399289736778937_2849059374703714520_nchance to sing along (or shout out loud), jump and relive the best times of rock in the best environment, full of energy.

Bring your leather jackets with you, take a pint and be prepared to feel like a real rock star!

Where: The Bowery,196 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6
When: 20:00
Price: €10
Buy your ticket at:
For more information, visit: and

2. This is Cuba Exhibition Opening

If you still haven’t succumb to the title, let me catch your attention by saying that Lynn Feeney, the Dubin-based artist, has prepared a photographic exhibition on Cuban life. Who hasn’t imagined themselves walking the streets of Havana? Or dancing to the rhythm of a traditional salsa? 46685_I_Orange Seller

If you are like me an enamored of this South American Latin country, I have some great news for you, the Instituto Cervantes is honouring Cuba with a group of pictures that reflects the years Lynn Feeney travelled with his local photographer Ramsés Batista through the country. He’s showing a great work on the vibrant and ever-changing society with a personal point of view.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Where: Instituto Cervantes, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place (near National Gallery), Dublin 2
When: 18:30
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit:

3. Conversation meeting up at The Turks Head

Whether you are a beginner or a fluent speaker of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, you will be delighted to know that Language Exchange Ireland are holding today, as they do every Monday and Thursday, a conversational meet up. 16939641_1007535966013534_7371645939048006251_n

I am sure you know what “speed dating” is, well this get-together is based on that idea. You will be going from one table to another meeting new people from all around the globe and getting to know them in different languages.

This is a great opportunity to learn more. I can assure you will never feel lonely, because there are usually more than 65 people gathered in five tables. And if you are looking forward to speaking only English, there will be a table with natives waiting to meet you!

See you there!

Where: Turks Head, 27 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
When: 18:30
Price: €5 that includes finger food
For more information, visit:

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