Top 3 events Thursday

1. Dark Land

Join the Night Time Tours by the National Leprechaun Museum as you explore the dark twisted side of Irish story-telling. Let our Storytellers tickle the dark underbelly of your mind.

There are hundreds of stories that were only spoken about at night. These tales dealt with the darker subjects found in Irish folklore. They are tales that are so dark and twisted that there is no way we could ever talk about them during regular daytime tours. Dark Land is a chance to hear these stories for yourself and will stay with you for a lifetime. No refunds for scaredy cats! 15

Where: National Leprechaun Museum, Jervis Street, Dublin 1
When: Thursday nights, 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm
Friday and Saturday nights, 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm
Price: €16. Adults only.
Note: Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before this performance is due to start.
Late arrivals will be refused admission and refunds. Please have valid proof of age if asked.
For more information, visit

2. The Executioner. Film screening

El verdugo / The executioner (1964) is the next film in the Spanish Film series “The Spanish Essentials”, organized by Instituto Cervantes (Dublin). 14



Perhaps Berlanga’s most elegant film, El Verdugo tells the story of a funeral-home employee who marries a government executioner’s daughter. In order to get an apartment, he agrees to take over his father-in-law’s job with the hope of never actually having to perform it. Through a savagely black humorous tone, The Executioner is a vehement censure of the death penalty, which caused the Spanish government to try (unsuccessfully) to stop it being screened at the Venice Festival and later to order numerous cuts.

It will be screened in Spanish with English subtitles.

Where: Pearse Street Library, 138-144 Pearse Street, 2 Dublín Dublin
When: 17:30
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit

3. Thursday Night Gaming 

Are you looking forward a fantastic night of free tabletop gaming with good drinks and great people? Enjoy the second week of Guided Play Weeks!

On Guided Play nights Irish Games Association will provide a host of hosts ready and willing to teach games. They will also provide a wide selection of games to pick up and play. These nights should be full of activity and you are practically guaranteed to get a good variety of games in. 16

There will be a huge selection of games and plenty of people more than willing to teach you how to play. You won’t need to bring anything other than a willingness to have some fun!

If there are any games you especially want to learn, get in touch with them.

Where: Robert Reade Bar and Cafe,19 Store St, Dublin 1
When: Between 19:00 and 22:00
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit

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