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Zen and the Art of Meditative Drumming

River Holistic organize four week workshops and it will begin today at 8pm. This workshop is about Zen and Meditative Drumming. It is good know what exactly what the Zen term means.

Japanese Zen term ‘Mushin’ (empty mind) to describe the altered mindstate induced by rhythmic meditation, but in reality, this is far deeper-seated within the human brain than any religion or philosophy, and may bring us closer to our inner self, through wordless action, than any other activity.

More Information:

For 4 weeks €100

River Holistic Centre
Ashbrook House,, 10 Main Street, Raheny Dublin 5

Ticket Information:

Neuromuscular Release Class

Monday evening, there will be a neuromuscular release class. It will start at 8pm. The focus of the course will be learning a series of exercises based on neuro-muscular release principles. Combined with improved breathing this can produce great benefits to both physical and mental health. It can help to improve energy, ease tension and reduce stress, stretch and tone muscles, increase flexibility and increase range of movement. The aim of the class is relaxation and increased flexibility.

€80 for 10 classes

John Lee Physiotherapy
2 Trimleston Ave. Booterstown, Dublin

For Foresters // ZaPho // Farah Elle

For Foresters will perform at 9.30pm at Tramline. You can check from this link to listen their amazing music:

Some comments about them:

“‘Bath’ builds from small whispered beginnings to a crescendo of sax and full-band swinging on the crux of the lyric “I am done being the silent one.” Super promising.” – Nialler9

“Filled with far-off textures, pounding percussion and tense atmospheres, the music of ‘Towels’ is an unrelenting large-scale production that holds a strong depth of field throughout. ” – The Last Mixed Tape.

“Accompanied a sublime video … the single is a swelling cloud of first-rate experimental ambient folk that confronts the tough experience of Blake.” – The Thin Air.



5 Hawkins Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2


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