Top 3 Events for Tonight!

Echoes-The Táin and The Iliad

Stories have echoes. With the same patterns, with the same motifs they resonate all over the world. Sometimes we hear the stories, these stories seem like they belong their culture. When we look to the stories and heroes, maybe name of heros are different but stories and their echoes are the same around the world.

On 27th of September, you can join this event to see the as the storytellers find the echoes of some of the greatest Irish tales in the mythology of Europe. This Wednesday, there are two epic stories: The Táin and The Iliad.

Free Admission!


Stags Head Dublin
1 Dame Court, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2

Cultural Exchange Night

Nous espérons que tout va bien.

In Dublin, it is easy to discover other cultures. Because there are so many people who come from different countries to Ireland. To discover new culture is good to learn something new. If you are interested in new cultures or if you want to do some language practise, here is the one event for you. There will be culture evening at the Global Language. It will start on 5 pm.

More information:

Ucd Global Lounge
Dublin, Ireland

Chancer / Ganglions / Megacone / Griffo / Alex Harvey

The Bowery opens its doors to Chancer, Ganglions, Megacone, Griffo and Alex Harvey tonight. Don’t miss the date for their amazing performance tonight. It will start at 8pm.

Check it out for their music:

Free admission!

Doors open at 8pm.


The Bowery

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