Top 3 Events for Tonight

Do you want to watch Rick and Morty with fans?

Tonight you can join the saga in The Bowery. There will be a Rick and Morty event at 6:30 pm. Anyone is welcome to experience an increase and decrease of brain cells simultaneously.

If you’ve never watched the show, here is a good chance to get a taste of it. If you’ve already encountered it, you’re probably a fan already and can join the event and share your multi-verse experiences.

‘Only a show this clever, can present this stupidity.’ Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, creator of infamous ‘Rick and Morty’, summarize the show that this sentence.

Episodes are so random and cleverly stupid, it is hard to believe that they can come out of sober mind. It become a popular relatively short time.

On 4th of September, S03 EP 1-4

On 11th of September, S03 EP 5-7

With free entry and free popcorn!

The location is:

The Bowery

An Grianan, Dublin, Ireland 6

Stephen King Quiz, Hosted by Light House Cinema

Have you ever watched a Stephen King adaptation of movie? I believe almost everyone knows ‘The Green Mile’. Most people heard about The Green Mile as a movie title first, without knowing that it was actually Stephen King book.

Here are some novels from Stephen King: The Shining, Carrie, It, Misery, The Green Mile, Black House.

Here are the films based on his novels: Stand by Me, Misery, No Smoking, The Green Mile, The Dark Tower.

So the questions are based on books and the film adaptations. If you are interested in them, this event is for you!

It will begin 6:45pm.

20Euro for group of 4 people

Event link:

Ticket link 

‘Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful,Be true to your way and your being, Be compassionate to yourself and others’

It will be to good discover Mindfulness Meditation. It will take 5 weeks. Each week has it’s own topic. 5- week Japanese Mindfulness Meditation Course is good to get rid of daily stress and much more. Classes have a maximum of 12 people.

On 4th pf September at 7:40 pm to 8:40 pm.


Dublin Holistic Centre, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2

Fee: Early Bird €55 / Online €65; at the door €67 / Drop-in €15

For ticket information please check this link:


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