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There are some times in our lives when you want to do something, but you can’t start them for a variety of reasons. Tai Chi was like that for me. I tried Tai Chi once back in Turkey; however, my timing was terrible because I had a lot on my mind so I left my training.

I met my friends last night after work. There are lots of things we wish to accomplish but the time required to fulfill all of these is so much that we can’t fulfill them all with the time we have. I saw a Tai Chi Course when I was looking for the events for tonight this morning. Is this destiny? Or is it sign to start? I choose to perceive it like this, and I choose to take a step for my wishes.

Tai Chi Course

What is Tai Chi? Basically, tai chi is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit. It is good for keeping healthy and body shaping. According to some records, Tai Chi dates back as far as 2500 years!

There are lots of benefits of Tai Chi. For example, to manage your stress, balance and balance and improvement in self-confidence.

On 6th of September, a Tai Chi course will start at Dancehouse Studios on 6:30pm.

For ticket and more information, please check this link:


Dancehouse Studios Foley St
Foley Street, Dublin, Ireland

Wine/Croissant Evening with Frenchsoc!

Do you have a curiosity about French Culture? Do you want to discover French Culture? If your answer is yes, this event is for you.

UCD Student Society opens its doors tonight for those interested in French Culture. On 6th of September, it will be in the Blue Room from 8pm to 10om on Wednesday. This event is open to anyone who interested in French Culture!

More information:

Hello Instagram, It’s me! an #AfterWorkTalk with Alex Calder

Another working day is over and are you looking for something to do? This Wednesday evening at 7pm, there will be an event at Bagots Hutton.

It’s nice to learn and eat something while listening to Alex Calder.

Who is Alex Calder?

First, check her instagram account: @caldalex

‘Passionate about storytelling and crafting tone of voice, Alex is a digital strategist, copywriter, content creator, and award-winning social media specialist with experience in building brands both local and global. She’s currently Director of Content at strategic design consultancy MCO, and has previously worked with Lifestyle, FMCG, and design brands to develop effective and award winning communications campaigns.
In December 2015, her side project @betweentwoears – an Instagram account devoted to shots from horseback – achieved the holy grail of being featured by Instagram and included on their suggested user list.’


Bagots Hutton
6 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin, Ireland D7

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