Top 3 events for tonight!

LIVE MUSIC – Gigonometry

This Wednesday at the Workman’s Club, Gigonometry presents five bands from very different backgrounds and influences: Kiruu, Electric Company, Run in Red, Harry Hoban & the Brothers Kane and Junior Brother.


Kiruu is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of Irish-English origins whose eclectic sound has been formed with influence from his East African upbringing and European roots Ireland/UK/Spain). His music is interactive and his sound varies from slow indie to stomping swing and everything in between, sung in different languages (English, Swahili, Spanish, and French).

Electric Company

Zac Chapman’s Utrecht based band Electric Company has been working hard on their new line-up. Sounding more modern than ever before but sticking to the authenticity of their own style, their brand new single “Let’s Write Another Plan” takes a step further in telling a story that seems a very central theme for this band; a story of positivity overcoming disappointment… with a beat very reminiscent of early Springsteen and a melody longing for the glory days of Britpop. The band has put an even bigger emphasis on the typical sound of Electric Company, influenced by the great American and British artists before them.

Don’t miss this sixties/indie pop band from The Netherlands we have already written about on Babylon Radio:

Run in Red

A 3-piece Transatlantic band based in Dublin, Run in Red are urgency transcribed into music. With members from the Dublin and New York music scenes, in 2017 the band toured stateside followed by the release of their debut EP: ‘The Revelled Theory Mind’. Its lead singles ‘Fade Away’ & ‘The Ricochet’ have drawn praise from

Harry Hoban & the Brothers Kane

Harry Hoban & the Brothers Kane are a 4 piece 100% originals band . They formed in 2013. They consist of Harry Hoban, Gar Kane and Gerry Kane from Dublin and session musician David Bellew from Dundalk. Their music is an eclectic mix of everything from acoustic folk to storytelling ballads with a punk edge.

Junior Brother

Junior Brother is an alternative folk singer/ songwriter from Kilcummin, Co. Kerry, playing slightly unhinged, sometimes heady, folk songs of his own creation. In his music he is heavily influenced by his upbringing in rural Ireland, attempting to recreate the archaic, weird and beautiful nature which surrounds his family home and littered his childhood.

To know more about the event, follow the link: And if you can’t attend this exciting evening, don’t worry: the show will be live broadcasting on Babylon Radio!


7:30 PM


The Workman’s Club

10 Wellington Quays, Dublin 2

STAND-UP COMEDY – Anseo Comedy Club

If you are not in the mood for music tonight, come and have a good laugh at Anseo. Every Wednesday, The Anseo Comedy Club presents Irish and International acts, and you can what you want!

Free admission, donations are welcome.

8:30 PM



18 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2

STORYTELLING & SONGS – Are You A Button Man?

If you want to try something different tonight and immerse yourself in the Irish history, don’t hesitate: go to The Sugar Club for a night of tales, songs and instrumental music which tell the stories of Dublin’s former dockworkers.

‘Button Man’ refers to a select group of fortunate dockers who by wearing their rarely-awarded Union badge or ‘button’ were always guaranteed a days work, a sore point among the vast majority of dockworkers who had no such privilege.

To know more about this unique event, click here.

Book you tickets here.


8:00 – 11:00 PM


The Sugar Club

8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin

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