Top 3 events for tonight!

LIVE MUSIC – State Lights, Scott Williamson & The Wild Cards

Tonight at The Underground, don’t miss State Lights presenting their new catchy single ‘Peace Will Come’. The pop-rock band will be preceded on stage by folk-rock band Scott Williamson & The Wild Cards. Two bands you definitely have to discover if you don’t know them already!


8:00 PM

The Underground Venue
64 Dame Street, Dublin 2

FILM SCREENING – Biafra (Forgotten Mission)

For those who prefer going to the cinema, The Irish Film Institute (IFI) offers the screening of the documentary Biafra (Forgotten Mission), with the presence of the two directors  Irina Maldea and Brendan Culleton.

About the movie:

Ireland and Nigeria: a world apart and yet intimately connected by traumatic events that took place 50 years ago, which would have attracted little attention here but for the fact that Nigeria was home to thousands of Irish people.
In the midst of a tragic civil war, Irish missionaries defied a cynical international cartel to save millions from starvation, and became international media celebrities. But at the end of the war, they were expelled from Nigeria, accused of prolonging the conflict.
The film brings together eyewitness accounts and a rich tapestry of film archive to present a remarkable episode in the history of Ireland and Nigeria, now wiped from the public memory of both countries.

You can book your seat here.

6:30 PM

Irish Film Institute
6 Eustace Street
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

LIVE MUSIC – Ella Naseeb, Matilda O’Mahony, Aaron Cumisky

Tonight at The Crowbar, discover – or rediscover – the hypnotic voice of Ella Naseeb and her band. The show will be opened by two support bands: Aaron Cumisky and Matilda O’Mahony.

Free admission

8:00 PM

Curved Street,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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