Top 3 events for tonight!

LIVE MUSIC – The Wow Signal Sessions

Every Wednesday, The Wow Sessions runs their weekly concert night in Bagots Hutton. Tonight, they are hosting a special night with The Song Room crew to celebrate their 10th birthday and their very last concert. Join them for this special concert and don’t miss tonight’s great line-up with Nobody’s Heroes, Headtrip Acoustic Project, Thunderclap Murphy, Seán McComish.

Free admission

8:00 PM

Bagots Hutton,
6 Ormond Quay, Dublin 7

OPEN-MIC – Feminist Swearing Night

‘The Feminist Swearing Night’ is a concept which comes from Finland and which is very popular in Helsinki and Brussels. And tonight, it takes place for the first time in Dublin at Chaplins Comedy Club. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to rise up against inequality and injustice along with several guests, among them Ashlee Bentley, Sarah Richardson Spoken Word Poet, Sharon Mannion, Aine Gallagher Melissa Ridge and Sahar Ali!

Do you ever feel like society isn’t exactly what it should be? Are you tired or pissed off with certain aspects of it? Do you just feel like cursing and smashing the patriarchy? If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to be at the Feminist Swearing Night!

This is an opportunity to sound off about the patriarchy, politics, inequality and injustice through stand-up comedy, rhyme, song, swearing, ranting or any other means of expression. The event will be moderated by one of the founders of Feministinen ajatushautomo Hattu, unshakeable feminist Rosa Meriläinen.

€6 (Profits go to Women’s Aid Ireland)

7:00 PM

Chaplins Bar,
Hawkins Street, Dublin 2

LIVE MUSIC and more – Sicilian Mood

Sicilian Mood is a cultural project which aims to promote Sicilian artists and celebrate Sicily through the universal language of music. They are currently touring around Europe and Dublin is their next stop for a night full of live music, DJ and VJ performances, and a lot more! With Shakalab and Emotional Waves (Jah Sazzah and Luca Vullo).


8:00 PM

25 Wexford Street, Dublin 2

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