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Fears – Phobias – Anxieties Seminar

All of us, sometimes can feel anxious or fearful. This is completely normal. When it becomes above normal, it is good to think twice. But where do our phobias and our worries actually come from? And you need to ask ‘why’. When you start to questioning them, you can find real reasons. After this, the next step is to be able to cope with them. There are some methods to cope with them and this seminar is good to understand where they(our phobias, anxieties) come from, how can you manage them.

On 13th of September – at 7:30pm to 9pm

Irish Hypnosis Tallaght
Office 7 Killinarden Enterprise Park Whitestown Way, Tallaght Dublin

African Percussion Ensemble

Everything in a nature has own rhythm. Rhythm is also very important to life in rural Africa. All stages of life are accompanied by drumming in certain areas of West Africa. Births, coming of age, planting, harvesting, marriage…. All have their specific rhythms.

On 13th of September, this workshop,African Percussion Ensemble, will happen 8:15pm to 9:30pm. It will be Level 2. This workshop will be focused on traditional rhythms, techniques, solos and arrangements.


Temple Lane Studios
2 Curved Street Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

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Story Crew Writing Club for Children(Age 9+)

If your child loves writing stories and poems, Story Crew is for you. There is an opportunity to share her/his ideas to other keen young writers. This course will take 8 weeks.

At the end of the Writing Club year, the children present their work at an open event for parents and friends. They receive a Story Crew certificate and a prize for all their ideas and hard work.

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Royal St George Yacht Club
Harbour Road, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

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