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Gigonometry: The Revellions, Anna-Liese, Modesto, Mike Paterson

This Thursday will be a feast for Garage-psyche fans; as the specialists of the genre which are The Revellions, Anna-Liese and Modesto, as well as the ex-Travis Oaks frontmen Mike Peterson will be featuring in The Workman’s Club at 7:30 pm.

Babylon Radio are broadcasting this concert live.

The Revellions is 5 piece garage-psych rock band which already had released 2 albums and expected to release their 3rd soon. They travelled around Europe, featuring in major places such as Germany, France, the black-metal rich lands of Norway, UK and Spain. You can check them out here:

Anna-Liese are a 4 piece Waterford-based band that is known for the rich mixture of different styles in their musics. Be it slow tempos and fast riffs, or melodic guitar passages along with beautiful vocal harmonies. Due to their advanced musical knowledge, they mix these different styles pretty well which, in turn, makes their songs suitable for a variety of listeners. They have undertook some big gigs such as Waterford & Kilkenny, and they released their EP “Chasing and Fading” in 2016. Their live set layout and ideas made them quite the force in Irish original music scene. 2017 has been pretty well for them both in terms of touring and recording. their second EP ‘Stand on my Own’ which will be showcased at the Gigonometry gig.

Modesto are a 4 piece rock banm based in Dublin. They are a rather new face in the Irish music scene. They showed what they got in 2016 with packed out shows in Whelans, supported HamSandwich and featured in Electric Picnic. They’ve been writing new songs and playing shows around Dublin. They’ve got a heavy blues sound in their songs, inspired by the likes of lack Keys, QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters.

Mike Peterson has a bit of nostalgic taste in his songs, with simple melodies that are accompanied by vocal driven sounds. All of his songs are unique. He was originally the frontmen of the rock band Travis Oaks, but departed the group in 2016. He toured Ireland and abroad, including venues such as The Olympia in Dublin and the majestic Dublin Castle in London since he departed the group. He’s been in his native lands of Cavan, re-discovering and contemplating his place in the music world.
“It all started with me, not only thinking about “striping back” my sound, but totally re-evaluating my approach to songwriting”
Peterson is trying to implement his re-evaluation to his gig as much as he can. He gives priority to Live recordings and videos over studio recordings. His first live single, Outside Lines was released on May 30th 2017


The Workman’s Club, Dublin
10 Wellington Quay, Dublin, Ireland D02

More information:

East Meets West

On 14th of September, Sol Art Gallery opens it’s doors to a solo exhibition of new work by Rimi Yang. the name of the her new work is ‘East Meets West’. About her:

She says about her work: “Mankind tries to order the un-orderable, explain the inexplicable. Do we really always need to reason, understand and structure, or could we instead seek out the vibration that connects all life in an instant”.

Her recent works:


Sol Art Gallery
8 Dawson Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2


14th of September


Acu-meditation – Belcamp

Acu-meditation is the combination of both, acupuncture and meditation together to balance and heal the body and mind. There are lots of benefit of acu-meditation both physical and spiritual. On 14th of September, it will start on 7.30 pm to 10pm. The cost is €15.

Event layout as follows:
Part 1:
On arrival each participant will have the option of a brief consultation with Collette our Source Healing Ireland Acupuncturist if they wish.
Part 2:
We have a brief breathing Meditation to help everyone relax (10 Mins)
Part 3:
Collette will insert Acupuncture needles into the meridians to help specified requirements.
Part 4:
The main group guided meditation begins (40 -50 mins).
Part 5:
Meditation ends followed by removal of needles.
Part 6:
Grounding exercise.

Angels Love
Darndale Belcamp Village Center Dublin 17, Dublin, Ireland EIRE

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