Top 3 events Tuesday

1. The Eurydice Project

When Eurydice, nymph, one of Apollo’s daughters and Orpheus’ wife died, his husband tried to bring her back from the Underworld with the help of his delightful melodies. Unsuccessful in his mission, it wasn’t until he died that they were reunited again forever. eurydice-instagram-001

This well-known Greek myth, first introduced in Virgil’s time, has been performed in countless occasions since then on, and today the story comes to life again to make it fresher. With the help of the live music written by Jane Deasy and performed by Crash Ensemble’s Alex Petcu. This production written by Joanna Crawley, its design and staging will undoubtedly make us enjoy once again of one of the most beautiful and dramatic Greek tale of all times.

Take your chance to live this passionate tragic show. Highly recommended, don’t miss your opportunity!

Where: Project Arts Centre,39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar
When: From Tue 28th to Sat 1st
Price: €12 – €16
For more information, visit:

2. The Poet & the Player at Whelan’s

Whelan’s and Common Grounds Collective are retrieving this joyful and magical event. With some little changes made to improve our experience, they are presenting what will for sure be one of the best nights of the week.


Don’t miss your chance to experience how music, poetry and prose engage to create an authentic lovely evening. All, of course, brought to you along with the best traditional musicians in the country Alannah Thornburgh, Jason McGuinness & Navy Cut and the poets Common Grounds.

Believe me when I say you won’t forget this show easily!

Where: Whelan’s upstairs, 25 Wexford St, Dublín Dublin 2
When: 20:00
Price: €8
Buy your ticket at:

3. Tuesday Night Table Tennis

If by any means you would like to enjoy your Tuesday afternoon in a different more playful way, Buskers on the Ball makes it easy for you. images

With their 5 table tennis tables, this weekly fun competition will make you fight for first place while enjoying some special drinks with your friends. But remember just one thing: try to be there the sooner! Otherwise, you not only will be risking your crown but also your spot there.

Are you up to demonstrate your abilities at table tennis?

Where: Buskers on the Ball, Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
When: 18:00
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit:

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