Top 3 events Wednesday

1. Dermot Kennedy at The Sugar Club

The young folk artist Dermot Kennedy is about to make your hearts melt. His beautiful well-played music has arrived at The Sugar Club to make us all fall in love again with his show. download

After sold-out in almost every last concerts, this graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree, we can certainly assure that he knows what he’s doing. Incorporating a melodic passionate voice to his careful soulful music, Dermot will put all his heart in the stage to demonstrate why he keeps adding adepts to his shows.

Do not miss this opportunity to see him live. He will for sure amaze you!

Where: The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Lee’s on Street, Dublin 2
When: 20:00
Price: €15
For more information, visit:

2. Resident Open Mic at the Mercantile

The Resident Open Mic is a new weekly session at the Mercantile with a little twist : the artist each night will take control of the whole show, being not only the one in charge of delighting the audience with their music, but also hosting the night! openmicbanner

This is a great opportunity to let people know the artists on the stage musically and personally, because we all know they put their hearts out when they do what they love to do.

Do not hesitate anymore and drop by the Mercantile to enjoy a very special Wednesday!

Where: Mercantile, 28 Dame Street, Dublin 2
When: 21:00
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit:

3. Havana International Language Exchange

The weekly “Havana International Language Exchange” takes place each Wednesday to bring the possibility of improving oral language skills while having a lovely afternoon. language-exchange

Havana Tapas Bar came up with the idea of bringing everyone interested in communicating and meeting people from other countries the opportunity of loosing and be free to talk without being shy or afraid. After all, languages are a main to understanding and getting to know more about other countries.

Feel free to go over and find out what they have to offer!

Where: Havana Tapas Bar, Georges St, Dublin 2
When: 16:30 to 19:30
Price: Free admission
For more information, visit:

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