Top 3 for Wednesday

Motherfoclóir & The Irish History Podcast at The Sugar Club (€16)

Head down to The Sugar Club, where a double headliner of Motherfoclóir & The Irish History Podcast will be hosted as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival.

You may hear Irish people complain about the way Irish is taught and how it’s a dead language, but it turns out that interest in Irish is on the rise, and part of this can be credited to Motherfoclóir.  Presented by Darach Ó Séaghda, Motherfoclóir is a weekly podcast that aims to break the stigma around the Irish language. Joining them will be The Irish History Podcast

If you want to learn more, head to Twitter and follow Darach’s account @theirishfor which has loads of fun facts about Irish words, or head to any good bookstore and pick up Motherfoclóir: Dispatches From A Not-So Dead Language.

The discussion of the evening will be “Our Cannibal Ancestors; Stories of Survival from the Great Famine”.

Starts at 7.30pm and tickets available on the door.

Sapphoe (LGBT+ Women*) downstairs in Doyle’s (Free)

Sapphoe is a monthly event designed as a safe space for LGBT+ women and non-binary folk to make their own, given the absence of such spaces in Dublin’s existing LGBT+ scene.

If you’re coming alone there’s no need to worry:
There’s plenty of opportunities to socialize and get to know other like-minded people, with board games and music, it’s the perfect atmosphere to break the ice and chill out!

Starts at 7pm in Doyle’s downstairs.

Bodhi DJ set at Wigwam (€15)

House music fans unite, Wigwam’s only gone and done it.

Borne out of the Cardiffian clubbing scene and formerly a duo, Bodhi currently consists of Olly Howells- an unfortunate departure, but perhaps it’s just the next step to enlightenment.

All you need to know is: as soon as he takes to the decks be dance-floor ready, he’s sure to bring the funk.

Everything kicks off at 11pm, with support from Clockwork founder Crimson and Alan Kennedy.

Tickets are available from here or on the night.

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