Top 4 things you can do for this weird St Patrick’s Day

Happy Paddy’s Day to everyone all over the fearless and strong Emerald Isle and all over the world. This is for sure an extremely unprecedented weird circumstance for a St Patrick’s Day! But do not despair, we tried to come up with a curious list of interesting things you can do at home while keeping the morale high!


Whether you are with your family or with your flatmates in self-quarantine or just home because, thankfully, the pubs are all closed, make the most out of this day. Have a look at our top list of things you can do for this weird Paddy’s Day at home. From Virtual parades to interesting and typical Paddy’s Day recipes: we’ve set your day pretty good! And don’t forget to wear something green and have fun, regardless. #itsgonnabefine

Virtual Parade

The actual parade had been cancelled but Irish people will not be let down by this. In fact, following this unfortunate, but this necessary disposition, RTE suggested the hashtag #RTEVirtualParade where basically encourages all Irish people around Ireland to post pictures and small performances, all “homemade” to feel Paddy’s Day even stronger and more present than normal. The hashtag has already attracted videos of dancing rehearsals at schools, taken before the lockdown was announced, and children dressed up in their finest green attire ahead of the celebration. 

Check RTE social media accounts to enjoy these virtual parades and if you like take even part!

Get creative in the kitchen

There are tons of recipes related to St Patrick’s Day and many of them are actually quite fun to make, not to mention a great occasion to test your ability in the kitchen without being judged. Here some suggestion on what to cook and eat on this very special day, without forcing you to go to supermarkets

St. Patrick’s Day Coddle

Coddle is one of Ireland’s most traditional dishes. Not always the most appetising to look at, the dish was a staple of the working-class in Dublin at the beginning of the 20th Century. We know that its taste it’s quite strong but it’s a must on this very day. You can find the full recipe here!

Traditional Bacon and Cabbage with Mustard Sauce

If you don’t eat this meal for Paddy’s Day, you’re doing everything wrong! It’s indeed a bit pretentious in terms of ingredients and preparation however, not impossible. Enjoy this delicious dish with your family and friends at home or with your beloved one far away from you via skype.  It’s comfort food at its best and will help you go through the day. 

Chocolate Shamrock Brownie

If you’re a bit of sweet tooth and love baking, this is actually a great occasion for you to feel quite experimental and dive into some shamrock brownies. Easy to prepare, not so shabby to cook and they’re good for everyone from kids in their green hats to grumping adults sitting in their living room. 

Irish Movie Club

In this very special day, what a better chance to explore the Irish movie culture? There are several interesting movies about Ireland, set in this country, some quite dramatic some other very cheerful as only Irish people can be. We tried to recommend you some different movies than the most typical ones (we all have seen and cried over “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”, end of story!) to widen up our and your movie horizons. Here you have some suggestions that might interest you:

Sing Street (2016) 

Don’t judge a book by its cover or more like a movie by its title. Sing Street is a hilarious representation of timeless classics with heartwarming tales to side-splitting comedies, the best Irish films encapsulate what it is to be Irish. It’s quite recent but set in a retro atmosphere that can accommodate both vintage enthusiasts and modernity fanatics. Hilarious and poignant at the same time, Sing Street hits all the right notes. It features a stellar cast and its original soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. 


Michael Collins (1996)

The fantastic performance from Liam Neeson that will be etched in the history of cult movies. Michael Collins tells the story of the Irish patriot, revolutionary, politician and statesman that was Collins. With an exceptional cast, this movie is the best ingredient to your intellectual Paddy’s Day cocktail at home. 


Standby (2014)

Get ready to laugh and spend a rather funny hour while watching this hilarious feature. It is the latest, a charming romantic comedy that’s distinctly Irish yet could play anywhere. Set in the vibrant city of Dublin, between the colourful streets of Temple Bar and Dublin Airport (the Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson is portraiting a part-time tourist advisor there), this feature will make you feel as you’re actually walking those streets while being comfy sit on your couch. 


Song of the Sea (2014)

And last but not least for the kids and not only, putting all together with the fantastic Irish storytelling, Much like the Celtic myth that pervades this beautifully realised film, but this hand-drawn animation is also slowly receding into the past. The story starts with two kids moving from their house to stay with their granny. They embark, of course in a lovely adventure at the discover of the native tradition, this time telling a selkie’s tale, in such a country full of stories, mysteries. Totally worth it!


Get a guitar and set-up a pub

Given the situation quite risky and problematic, it’s preferable avoiding any crowded places or even get close to any of those. That’s why however obvious it might sounds, you should pop in your closest Tesco or Lidl and maybe buy a couple of beers. Just to respect and celebrate the spirit of St Patrick’s Day as an Irish in Ireland, without exaggerating though. If you have a guitar or feel particularly musically today, please do record yourself, sing out loud and cover your house with multiple green decorations, regardless of your language and start enjoying this day.

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