Top 5 Events 28th of November in Dublin

Top 5 Events 28th of November in Dublin

The weekend is almost here! In the meantime, here’s our Top 5 Events of the day in Dublin for you to enjoy this Thursday.

Careerist (+Shrug Life and Handsome Eric)

Belfast indie-rock outfit Careerist (fka Hot Cops) return with their highly-anticipated debut album “Weird Hill” via Dundalk’s Pizza Pizza Records.

Formed in 2013 by Carl Eccles (guitar and vocals), Conor Ellison (Drums) and Nathan Rodgers (bass and occasional backup vocals) the three-piece blends wry slacker wit with an idiosyncratic sense of melody balanced on a taut wire of push/pull dynamics making for a tense and unmissable live show

When: Thursday, 28th of November, from 20:00

Where: Whelan’s

How much: 11,80€ – 13,70€

The Battle of the Axe Comedy & Open Mic Club

The Battle of the Axe Comedy and Open Mic Club has been hosting events since 1996.It has been a launch pad for some of the country’s most iconic masters of mirth and it remains one of the most friendly places for new would-be comedians to cut their teeth and perfect their jokes.Offer a little support to the newbies sweating behind the ears or lose your sense of public decorum altogether as you roar laughing at a well-known circuit comics trying their new jokes on for size.

When: Thursday, 28th of November, from 21:30 to 23:30

Where: Battle Of The Axe

How much: 7€ – 10€

Irish Music with Mylo

Traditional Irish Music every Thursday with Mylo. Mylo is a renowned Irish folk singer and songwriter playing all your favourite Irish tunes to get you singing and dancing. Come join the ceoil for the craíc!

When: Thursday, 28th of November, from 21:00 to 23:30

Where: O’Shea’s Merchant

How much: Free

Storygame For Adults With Fiona Dowling & Senem Donatan Mohan

A playful storytelling experience for adults Using a set of DIXIT cards with their evocative and dream-like imagery, the storytellers will call upon you the audience to direct the flow and content of the evening. In this story-game, you pick and we tell. See which card you are drawn to and what story or folktale will unfold from your choice. Who knows… the right story may be on its way to find you!

When: Thursday, 28th of November, from 19:00 to 21:00

Where: Bí URBAN – Equality for All Pollinators

How much: Free

Did you say Music?

The Coombe Sessions is celebrating the launching of their Youtube channel where artists make music in the heart of Dublin with the “Did you say Music?” event at Paddle and Peel. There will be musicians playing acoustic and sing song writer tunes of their own as well as  famous covers with different twists. 

When: Thursday, 28th of November, from 20:00 to 23:00

Where: Paddle and Peel

How much: Free

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