Top 5 events for 2 February 2020 in Dublin

If you want to do something else than watching the 54. Super Bowl somewhere on TV this Sunday, we have some interesting tips for you! These are the Top 5 events for 2 February 2020.

Greek Me Up – Dublin Nights

Greek Me Up is back! This party puts a spin to the end of your fantastic weekend. Join this crazy music night with Greek vibes at the Jar, with music provided by DJ DimitaG.

When: 6pm – 3 February, 12.30am

Where: The Jar, 31 Wexford Street, Dublin 2

Price: €8.85

Retro Vision: The Terrible Movie Show

Retro Vision is back for Part IV! Join comedian Brian Cheatle and his special guest for an evening of great comedy and terrible movies. They will be discussing some of the worst movies in existence at Ireland’s last remaining VHS-only video rental store.

When: 8pm-10pm

Where: Anseo, 18 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 8

Price: Free

Many Creative Hands Market

This will be the first of the first-Sunday-of-the-month markets happening at St. James Church after mass. It will be a colourful display of beautifully handcrafted items on sale. There will also be home baked goods offered for everyone!

When: 11am-5pm

Where: St. James Parochial Hall, James Street, Dublin 8

Price: Free

Ealaín Open Mic in Dublin

Ealaín means ‘art’ in Gaelige and as such they welcome all art forms at the Open Mic Night at the International Bar – be it music, poetry, storytelling, short films or comedy. Everyone is welcome to perform their own piece there in a beautiful acoustic setup.

When: 7pm-10pm

Where: International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Price: Free

Free Screening: Masters in the Forbidden City

This acclaimed documentary from director Xiao Han follows the lives of relic restorers in China’s imperial palace who slowly piece together thousand-year-old antiques. This film artfully combines the history of Chinese antique restoration with fascinating insights into the lives of the so-called “relic-doctors”.

When: 3pm-6pm

Where: National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square West, Dublin 2

Price: Free

Did you like our Top 5 events for 2 February? Did we forget any important events? Leave a comment below and check out our daily Top 5!

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