Top 5 events for the 8th of February in Dublin

Feeling like you want to variate your casual Saturday? Today Dublin is filled with music events, concerts, gigs and live sessions, ready to make you jamming, jumping and shaking. Enjoy this day of the weekend with your friend or be ready to make new ones (Speedfriending Festival!!).

 Check this top 5 events in Dublin for the 8th of February, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Dublin’s Speedfriending Festival 

Let’s kick off our top 5 with an unusual but amusing suggestion: Speedfriending Festival. Fancy meeting new people? Or just in the mood of changing air? Well, this meet up is for you.  Your afternoon can be turned upside down by this event. Meet loads of new people in one day. Free tea, coffee, biscuits and popcorn. Expect to meet people of all ages from different countries, on this lovely Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm. They will provide you with a tag, a number and the instructions to change table so that you can meet as many people as possible. You don’t want to miss this out!

Where: The Clockwork Door,51 Wellington Quay, Dublin, Ireland D02 NH04

When: Today, 8th of February from 1pm to 6m

Cost: Check at the front door

Nigel Mooney & The Jim Doherty Trio

Swinging by a more smooth vibe, the infamous jazz pub, Arthur’s pub, is hosting a great jazz night featuring the great Nigel Mooney and the Jim Doherty Trio. The charismatic figure as a jazz artist such as Mooney, self-thaught and with an irresistible expressive and melodic bluesy and jazzy groove make him Ireland’s leading jazz singer and guitarist. The relaxed atmosphere at Arthur’s makes this night even more special and worth to pop in for a bit. 

Where: Arthur’s Blues & Jazz Club, 28 Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland 8

When: Today, 8th of February starting from 9.30 pm

Cost: 10€

Underground Collective

Huge fan of some hip-hop beats? No worries, we’ve got you covered. The Underground is ready to kick off in this new year of gigs with this amazing showcase featuring the best Irish Hip Hop representatives. If you just can’t wait for the showcase to start and want to warm up a little bit before 9pm, show up around 8pm as they willl have a DJ playing the best of 80’s 90’s 00’s Hip Hop tunes. To get your mood set!

Where: The Underground Venue, 64 Dame st, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2

When: Today, 8th of February from 8pm

Cost: Check at the door

Urban Anthems The Ultimate 90s Brit Rock Experience

British Rock was a milestone in everyone’s life, eventually. Who didn’t lose its own voice while singing out loud Wonderwall by Oasis or DIsco2000 by Pulp? That’s why you should get your nostalgia back and go to the Bloody Mary. The Ultimate 90s Brit Rock Experience will set your melancholia aside and make you dance and scream over the sound of the best 80s and 90s British rock anthem! Not convinced yet? It’s actually free entry. “Let’s all meet up in the year 2000!”

Where: Bloody Mary’s Dublin 7 South William Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2

When: Today, 8th of February, from 9pm to 11pm

Cost: Free entry

Back to the 80’s & 90’s

Last but not least, let’s carry on this 80s and 90s nostalgia. Pop, rock, dance, anything you like from the best decades and their songs ready to make you jump and sing out loud. In the heart of the city centre, you will be teleported in a new old era. You can’t just ignore two very fine decades of good music and catchy songs, that we know are already stuck in your head. So leave your present and jump back in the 80s!

Where: Fibber Magees, 80-81 Parnell Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 1

When: Today, 8th of February at 9pm

Cost: 5€


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