Top 5 Events for the 8th of March in Dublin

The 8th of March is here and International Women’s Day is celebrated also in Dublin. This Sunday, today, take part not only in the unlimited list of events dedicated to Women’s Day, from speeches to protests but also in many of the suggestions offered by this vibrant city and its locals. Check our top 5 events for the day.

Liberties International Women’s Day

Save a pair of red shoes for this Internation Women’s Day. To show support of this cause, the Artistic Liberties feels the need to create more awareness, towards women’s rights. Everybody is invited to leave their red shoes in the square. Each pair of shoes will represent a woman who is no longer with us due to femicide. 

When: Today, the 8th of March

Where: Artistic Liberties, The Liberties, Dublin, Ireland D8

Cost: Free

8 March 2020- Protest in Dublin International Women´s Day

Take the streets of Dublin for this International Women’s Day. 8M is organising this protest on O’Connell Street, exactly under the shadow of the Spire. We’ll raise our voices for those who came before us and the ones that will come after. Raise your voice for those who have been murdered and silenced. Raise your voices to demand a more equal society!

When: Today, the 8th of March

Where: Spire de Dublín

Cost: Free

Akkord Kollectiv

Fancy a bit of a jazzy Sunday? Akkord Kollective is then the duo you might look for. Tadhg Kinsella (percussion) and Gabrielė Dikčiūtė (cello) have performed together for several years in different music collectives but only recently started performing as an electronic music duo. Combining avant-garde poetry, experimental analogue and digital electronics along with heavily processed voice and cello sounds, they performed around Europe and USA. 

When: Today, the 8th of March

Where: The Dublin Jazz Co-op, The Workman’s Club 10 Wellington Quay Dublin 2, Ireland

Cost: Free

The Nerd Herd 4!

Kill this week with a laugh, and enjoy the monthly funny appointment at the Nerd Herd. the line up with the best Irish comedians is full of surprises that will make you laugh your heads off. Doors open at 8pm. Just go there and enjoy the laughter! Hence, it’s also free! What else do you need?

When: Today, the 8th of March

Where: 18 Camden St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8

Cost: Free

International Women’s Day Street 66

If you still want to celebrate International Women’s Day, but you’re not a great fan of protests or whatnot other sorts of other Women’s Day Celebration, pop in at Street 66. They will host a great day all focused on Women, screening The Ladies 6 Nations Ireland vs Italy live on all screens followed by some live music, song and dance where all artists are more than welcome. In this very important day, let’s focus not only on culture and art but also “on unity, equality and advocacy especially in a world where the differences and injustices between women and men are as great as ever”.

When: Today, the 8th of March from 1pm

Where: Street 66 Dublin, 33-34 parliament St, Dublin, Ireland

Cost: Free

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