Top 5 Events for the Weekend

Organ Freeman – Jazz Sunday

Organ Freeman is an Irish jazz organ trio. They specialise in the music of the bebop and hard bop idioms of the early 1950s and 60s. Playing standards by composers such as Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, and many more in the classic organ trio format. The trio are organist Darragh Hennessy, guitarist, and singer Charlie Mooney, and drummer Faolán Collins.

Where: The Big Romance, 98 Parnell Street, Dublin

When: Sun, 7 Feb. – 5pm

Themed Tour: The Victorian Gardens

The Victorian period saw a series of significant developments in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. During the years of the Great Famine, the initial phase of the iconic wrought iron Curvilinear Range of glasshouses was completed. At this time, Curator David Moore was examining the cause of the blight while also becoming the first to successfully grow orchids from seed to flowering stage. He lived comfortably in the Gardens, yet his wife died of famine fever. Striking stories such as these illustrate the remarkable place the Gardens has in our history and heritage.

Where: National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, National Botanic Gardens, 300 Botanic Road, Dublin

When: Sat, 16 Feb. – 2.30pm

How much: €5

Bangers & Mush

Welcome to Bangers & Mush – a one-night showcase of rousing world music and old-time love songs in a gypsy jazz style. This is a unique double bill of two of Dublin’s finest gypsy jazz bands – The Tolka Hot Club and Off the Wagon. Both bands have a great passion for the genre but aren’t afraid to experiment with it, and the results are surprising and an aural treat. Come join for Balkan clangers, Latin laments, jazz-influenced tear-jerkers, and some intriguing mashups, in what promises to be an exciting alternative to sitting on your couch, scouring Netflix, and waiting for winter to end.

Where: The Cobblestone, 77 King Street North, Dublin

When: Sat, 16 Feb. – 9pm

How much: €8

Talk to me in Croatian!

Talk to me in Croatian is Mother Tongues’ response to the many requests we get from families to provide opportunities to meet others who share the same language. The first years of life are critical in the development of the heritage language, so we believe it is important for children to be exposed to it as much as possible in the home and in social contexts. Talk to me in Croatian is an informal gathering in a public place. It is organised by individuals who have an interest in using their mother tongue with their children and expose them to it in social contexts.

Where: Café Du Jour, Cork Street, Dublin

When: Sat, 16 Feb. – 11am

Walk the Wicklow Way to Johnny Foxs Pub

This is part of the Wicklow Way, a trail that travels south from Dublin for approx 128Km to Clonegal in Co. Carlow. This section travels through south Dublin from Marlay Park and into the Dublin hills at Kilmashogue and crosses over “two rock” and the side of “fairy castle” into the Glencullen valley. From here we leave the traditional Wicklow Way trail and make our way to Johnny Foxes Pub for a bite to eat and drink. The trail is very well laid out and good for walking on. The track goes from parkland to small roads, open mountain tops and through wonderful forest trails and of course a nice pub at the end.

Where: Marlay Park, Ratharnham, Dublin

When: Sun, 17 Feb. – 10.30am

How much: €10

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