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By Juliane Girl / January 18, 2019

Digg Deep – Concert

Drawing influence from genres such as RnB, pop, groove/soul, and anything 70s/80s inspired, Digg Deep promises an irresistible sound and an energetic fling with styles.

With a swirling mix of lush synths and brass, crisp guitar, and catchy vocal melodies, the songs take on a fresh original groove with chunks of experimental and noise elements, thirsty for an avant-garde pop sound. Since the debut single ‘Before We Were Born’, Digg Deep has enticed with an exciting, multi-instrumental live set.

This performance will accompany the release of the second single to date.

Place: BelloBar, 1 Portobello Harbour, Dublin

Time: 19th of January – 8:00 pm

Price: 10€


Join the National Women’s Council of Ireland for #FemFest, a major conference for young women aged 16-25 discussing leadership, equality, and planning for that feminist future! On the centenary of the first Dáil, FemFest 2019 will explore the theme of women in public life in Ireland: past, present, and future.

#FemFest is a fun and engaging space about young women and for young women. It will combine passionate and dynamic speakers of all ages with engagement from the audience with our brilliant line-up of speakers!

Place: Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin

Time: 19th of January – 9.30 am

Price: Admission free

Kathryn Joseph – Concert

From When I Wake… is Kathryn Joseph’s latest release. It is is a compellingly soulful set that suggests Aldous Harding, Joana Newsom, Talk Talk and Kate Bush as kindred spirits and documents both life’s traumas and their resolutions.

“This record mostly came from the year of my feeling the most broken-hearted and miserable,” admits Joseph, “but it is a weird circle shape, because by the time the last songs on it were written I was back with the human I love and still am. Most of the songs are my trying to turn the black hell feeling into something else, even when it didn’t feel like anything good was going to come from it. All of them are again my weird, creepy way of telling the truth.”

Place: The Workmans Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin

Time: 19th of January – 8 pm

Price: 15€

Professor Green in conversation with Eoghan McDermot

Acclaimed musician and mental health advocate Professor Green will speak openly and candidly with 2FM presenter, broadcaster Eoghan McDermott about his own experience about dealing with the death of his father through suicide, the impact mental health has on his career and his creative output and his willingness to create awareness on these important topics and to help others.

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) is an award-winning rapper, singer-songwriter with thought-provoking documentaries on the modern face of society. He is also a presenter with significant presence on BBC Three and increasingly on Channel 4. Stephen is an advocate for several campaigns on mental health awareness including depression, male suicide, poverty, working-class white men and other challenges facing the vulnerable in society.

Place: Sugar Club, 8 Leeson Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin

Time: 19th of January – 2:30 pm

Price: 10€

FIRST FORTNIGHT & IFI FAMILY: Feeling Fine – Short Film Screening

This specially curated programme offers different stories of positive mental health through animations and live action short films. Dealing with school, friendship, bereavement, starting out or learning how to be your best, these terrific films from different countries will have you and your young viewers leaving with a smile.

Place: Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin

Time: 20th of January – 11 am

Price: 5€/family of 4 – 15€

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