Top 5 Events on 21st of January in Dublin

In this mildly cold January Tuesday, Dublin offers a wide selection of activities to enjoy. From Irish storytelling to cooking classes. Here’s the TOP 5 EVENTS for the 21st of January. You just need to pick your vibe. What would you do today in Dublin?

Pole Fitness Beginners Course 

If you fancy something a bit different to start this week (and who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it that much to continue), JUST DANCE fitness Club is offering some Pole Fitness courses. If you ever wondered what kind of discipline that is, or you are just dying to try something a bit extreme and different, don’t miss this opportunity.

When: Tuesday 21st January, 7pm-8pm.

Where: The Academy Plaza Hotel, Cathal Brugha St, Dublin, D1. 

Price: Price: €65 for six weeks. No pre-booking required.

Irish Storytelling at The Parnell

It’s not a secret that Irish people are a bunch of storytellers and great scholars. As every usual Tuesday the historical pub, Parnell Heritage is hosting its Irish Storytelling night. Breathe in all the mythological vibes and legends that made this country so fascinating and mysterious. Let the words soothe you into a parallel magical world made of great warriors and exquisite characters. 

Where: The Parnell Heritage Pub & Grill

When: Today from 18:00-20:00

Price: Tickets available on the Parnell Heritage website. 

New Comedy Tuesdays at the Comedy Cellar!

There’s nothing better than a laugh to kick off the week! At the Comedy Cellar, it’s more than guaranteed! Whether you are an experienced comedian or you want to push your luck and present some acts to a more than an amused audience, be their guest!  Today’s line up is quite interesting from John Spillane to Fiona Frawley and John O’Keeffe. Unmissable!

Where: The Comedy Cellar Dublin

When: Today at 21 pm

Price: €5

Dublin Dim Sum Cooking Class

Are you good eater and know your way in the kitchen? Well, the Cooks Academy in Dublin is hosting a Dim Sum Cooking class, for you, great lover of Cantonese cuisine and daring culinary soul! Learn how to prepare and mix certain ingredients typical of the Cantonese tradition (prawn dumplings, Chiu Chow Fun Gwor (Chiu Chow steamed dumplings) and Sui Mai (open top steamed pork dumplings). Not to mention the great chance to do something different today! Wasn’t it in one of your New Year’s Resolutions? I thought so!

When: Today from 18:30-21:00

Where: Cooks Academy Cookery School Dublin

Price: €80 but check the Cooks Academy website for further info. 

Dublin Language Exchange

Last but not least, Babylon, being a multicultural safe place, is happy to suggest you language fanatics, the classic and never boring Language Exchange! The Grand Social is hosting this multicultural event where you can practise new languages while meeting new people! Five minutes in English, five minutes in another language and then switch table! All levels are welcome, the atmosphere is pretty chilled and there are even snacks!

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: The Grand Social 

Price: €5 


Check this Top 5 and let us know if you managed to attend some of them!!! Have fun!

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