Top 5 events Thursday, 27 February 2020

It’s Thursday and we know you guys are thirsting for some thunderous Thursday-riffic activities! So without further ado, here’s Babylon’s top 5 events for tonight, the 27th of February! Read on for guaranteed fun!

The Irish Cook Book

We’ve written a number of articles on the hearty and wholesome food from the Emerald Isle, so why not check out this event with Irish food front and centre. There will be a conversation with author Dr. Elaine Mahon about his new book ‘The Irish Cook Book,’ a comprehensive and thoughtful guide to Gaelic grub! To get a place at this event, reserve your spot here!

When: 6PM-8PM

Where: Hodges Figgis, 56-58 Dawson Street, Dublin2

Cost: Free

Folktales, myths, and stories from the Hive

Are you fascinated by ancient cultural understandings and wisdom surrounding pollination, birds, bees, flowers, and honey? Or maybe you’re just looking for a relaxing and whimsical Thursday night activity? Then this event is for you! Join master storytellers Fiona Dowling and Senem Donatan Mohan as they share myths, tales, and wisdom surrounding the gifts of spring! Tickets are by donation and you’ll have the chance to be a part of a very special evening!


Where: Bí Urban, 3 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Cost: By donation [suggested amt is €15]

8Radio Music Table Quiz

Music nerds from around Dublin, the time to shine is upon you! Get your thinking caps on and your playlists ready before you head on down to Whelan’s for the 8Radio music quiz! You’ll get the chance to show off your musical majesty and maybe even win the elusive 8Radio mystery prize box! To book your table [4 people], click here!

When: 7:30 – 11PM

Where: Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St, Dublin 2

Cost: €40 for a table of 4

Positive Nights and Fun Ghis Present: Fantastic Fungi Screening

Who doesn’t love mushrooms? After all, they’re pretty fun guys! [HAHAHA] Get a chance to take part in the ‘mushroom network’ by attending one of the global screenings of this documentary happening tonight at Light House Cinema. You’ll learn all about mushrooms and their potential to help save the planet and change our lives! To book tickets to this screening, click here

When: 8:30PM-11PM

Where: Light House Cinema, Block A, Smithfield Market, Dublin 7

Cost: €22.20


Thirsty Thursday calls for a bevy and a boogie! Head on down to Drop Dead Twice for a wide variety of killer tunes featuring Off-key Collective, Funkuele, Scustin, Feef, Patt Caroline and more! It’s free in and lord knows you need a dance to burn off that end-of-week steam so get on those dancing shoes and head on down to Drop Dead Twice!

When: 7:30PM-1:30AM

Where: Drop Dead Twice, 18-19 Francis Street, Dublin 8

Cost: Free Entry

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Emma Grove
Emma is a Californian-native, a food lover, and a Journalist for Babylon Radio. With a MA(Hons) from the University of Glasgow, Emma is interested in everything musical and cultural going on in Ireland!

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