Top 5 Free Events Tonight In Dublin

Top 5 Events For A Thursday Night!!

The Riptide Movement Live at Golden Discs


The Riptide Movement will be playing at Golden Discs tonight for a show full of pure rock and roll. The band has just released their new album titled “Ghosts” on the 21st of October. Their music can be classified as a mix of folk rock in blues, getting inspiration from bands like The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Thin Lizzy. Come on out tonight to see what the local band has to offer.

Location – Golden Discs

Admission – Free

Time – 18:00

The Green Door Market


Looking for fresh organic food to put on your table? The Green Door Market is you place to shop for the freshest vegetables meats and vegan foods. Come on out to this free event and help support local farmers.

Location – Newmarket

Admission – Free

Time – 12:00 – 19:00

Keep On Trucking – Open Mic Session


Peadars Brown Pub is the place to be to perform your originals or covers you have been working on for months. The open mic night is open to all and will feature music in the styles of folk, country, and rock. Come on down and grab a drink weather you are performing or their just to listen to some local talent.

Location – Peadars Brown

Admission – Free

Time – 21:30

Human Genetic Differences – Which Ones Matter? Lecture


Dr. Anne Parle-McDermot is a senior lecturer in genetics and principal investigator of the Nutritional Genomics Group at DCU. She is presenting a talk tonight about our curiosity with the human genome. She will also be discussing some of the latest news and discussing what the future will have in store.

Location – National Botanic Gardens

Admission – Free

Time – 20:00

The Lee Meehan Band At Live Lounge


Blues is a type of music that is a timeless classic that features many variations over the years. Tonight The Lee Meehan Band will show of what they bring to the blues world. Come check out what the group has in their arsenal.

Location – Live Lounge

Admission – Free

Time – 20:00

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