Top 9 Brazilian Restaurants in Dublin

By Emma Grove / October 30, 2019
Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

There are tons of Brazilian Restaurants around town but figuring out which ones are the best can be really difficult. That’s why Babylon Radio has found out top 9 Brazilian Restaurants in Dublin to help narrow down the options!

Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Churros do Lulu

First on our list of the top 9 Brazilian Restaurants in Dublin is Churros do Lulu. If you’re looking for something sweet, a little salty, crunchy, and soft to satisfy all of your cravings at once? Well look no further! Churros do Lulú have been hailed as some of the ‘best Brazilian churros in Dublin.’ This is a sugar-lovers paradise with churros filled with virtually everything: from nutella, kinder buenos, oreos, vanilla cream and more, there’s a treat for everyone at this popular spot. If the sugar gets to be a bit much, don’t worry there’s savoury snacks like pão de queijo to cut the sweetness. Bonus: They also stock plenty of grocery staples so you can do your shopping and get a snack at the same time!

Price: $

Address: 5 Ryder’s Row, Rotunda, Dublin, Ireland

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin


Brazillian’s have mastered the art of confectionery and this is more than evident at Padoca, a Brazilian bakery which opened on Bolton Street earlier this year. Serving up cakes, crepes, sweet tapiocas, docinhos, and more, Padoca’s baked goods are the perfect indulgence to pair with your afternoon coffee. If you’re in more of a savoury mood, have no fear! Padoca also offer salty snacks like coxinha, savoury tapiocas, pão de queijo, sandwiches, etc. Tip: people love the tapiocas here and the chef takes great pride in them so I highly recommend. Bonus: They’re open on Sunday’s now so you can get sweet or salty snacks all week long!

Price: $

Address: 47 Bolton Street, Dublin

Hours of Operation: 8am – 6pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Cafe Mineiro

Next on our list of the top 9 Brazilian Restaurants in is a fan-favourite in Dublin, Cafe Mineiro. Located in the heart of temple bar, Cafe Mineiro offers Brazilian for a very decent price. With Dishes starting at just 6.50, Cafe Mineiro is the perfect spot to tuck into some traditional dishes like feijoada, picanha barbeque. Visitors who frequent this spot often praise the pastel and the coxinha (which have a 2 for 5 euro deal from 9am to 12pm, or any time after 5pm). For a Brazilian bite at a decent price, Cafe Mineiro is the place to go. Tip: This spot is very popular for lunch. If you’re heading there for a mid-day meal, try to get in before 12pm to secure a table.

Price range: $

Address: 13 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin

Hours of Operation: 9am – 10pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Wasabi Bar and Grill

The romantic, fine-dining ambiance of Wasabi Bar and Grill makes for a unique spot on our best Brazilian bites list. With all you can eat churrasco at 25 euro per plate, you can enjoy an assortment of succulent meats served rodizio style. Just be sure to only order what you can finish as there is a charge for any food left over. In addition to the bevy of Brazilian meats on offer, people also love the all you can eat sushi, the caipirinha as well as most (if not all) of the other items on this very extensive menu. They’ve definitely earned their spot on our top 9 Brazilian Restaurants. Tip: this is a great date spot, I highly recommend it if you’re looking to impress that special someone.

Price: $$$

Address: 3-4 Dorset  Street Lower, Dublin

Hours: 11am-11pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Sabor Nordestino

With a rating of 4.9/5 stars on facebook and over 135 reviews, Sabor Nordestino takes the cake as one of the most well-loved Brazilian Restaurants in Dublin. Located in the bottom floor of the Moore Street Mall, Sabor Nordestino has been serving up traditional Brazilian foods since 2016. For 12 euro you can get steak (either sirloin or rump steak cut the Brazilian way) served with rice, beans, salad and fries. The chef/joint-owner Messias Santana also serves up special regional dishes every Saturday. These include feijoada, acaraje, moqueca fish and more!   Tip: Be sure to save room for dessert, they have bolo, pudim, docinhos, tortinhas, quindim so satisfy your sweet tooth!

Price: $$

Address: Moore Street Mall,  58-66 Parnell Street, Dublin

Hours of Opertation:

Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin


Next on our top 9 Brazilian Restaurant list is one of the coolest cafes/ bars/venues in town. Wigwam also offers some Brazilian treats that will leave your taste buds singing. While the menu is not exclusively Brazilian, you can be sure Wigwam is serving up some favourites from the Southern Hemisphere. These Include: pão de queijo, coxinha, picanha steak and and even a cheeky caipirinha if you’re in a party mood! Additionally, Wigwam also serves up some traditional feijoada from time to time for special events so be sure to check out their calendar and see what’s on!

Price: $$-$$$

Address: 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Hours of Operation (for food): Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm



Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Fabi’s Grill

A bit further up on the north side, Fabi’s Grill on Parnell Street is a variety lover’s paradise.  A fusion of three restaurants in one, dinners can opt for a traditional hot meal at the Grill, some Brazilian-style sushi at Sashimir Sushi, and/or some sweet treats from Kiosk Brazil at Fabi’s. With an all-in-one dining experience it’s easy to see why people love this city-centre spot.  What’s more, the Grill offers up traditional daily specials for only 7.50! These tend to include a meat and three sides so you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck. Plus there’s plenty of space so there’s no need to camp out front hoping for a table! 

Price: $

Address: 198-200 Parnell Street, Parnell Centre, D1

Hours of Operation: 11:30am-11pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Benvindo Dublin

Located just up from Connolly Station, Benvindo offers a beautifully cozy ambiance to highlight the beautiful bites on offer. There’s a range of dishes to choose from, both traditional and more Irish-style fare so there’s something for everyone at this cozy north-side establishment. Bonus: Every Saturday and Sunday they have all you can eat meat rodizio for 19.95 per plate! That makes it one of the most inexpensive (and tastiest) options on this list. Be sure to check out their facebook page as well for other delicious deals!

Price: $

Address: 33-34 Foley Street, Dublin, Ireland

Hours of Operation: 11:30am – 4pm


Top 9 Brazilian Bites in Dublin

Tropical Brasil Salgados

Last, but certainly not least on our top 9 Brazilian Restaurants in Dublin is one of my absolute favourites. Despite not being your average sit down establishment, I have to include Tropical Brasil Salgados on this list because it has some of the most beautiful fried foods I think I’ve ever had, for a very decent price! First of all, they look exactly as they do in the picture. Second of all, for 8 euro you can get 20 pastries of your choice including coxinha, bolinhas de queijo, empanadas and more! They also do massive cakes for 40 euro as well as 25 docinhos for 12 euro. If you’re wanting some tasty treats to feed a crowd, then Tropical Brasil Salgados is definitely the place to call!


Contact them on facebook here


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