USI Hold a Rally to Protest Third Level Fees

By Lorna / October 19, 2016

Today the USI (Union of Students in Ireland) are holding a rally in The Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square East, Dublin 1. The rally starts at 1, so there’s still time to venture over and support!

The USI have started a campaign called “Education Is…” to illustrate the lack of support for third level funding. An income-contingent loan scheme is currently available in Ireland, but USI are protesting that this is not a reasonable or realistic solution for students. They figure it will leave students 20,000 euro in debt (or more). In America, the student loan debt equates to more than $1 trillion – which is more than the economies of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand combined. Conversely, Germany charges no tuition related fees, and 47 of the universities in the country are amongst those considered to be the best in the World by Times Higher Education

So you’re reading this article and feel you agree with their views. What can you do to support? Head to the rally today, from 1-3. Sign their petition for public funded third level education in Ireland. The USI will deliver the petition to the Minister for Education and Skills, proposing an increase its core grant to institutions and the abolishing of the €3,000 undergraduate student contribution. You can also become a campus ambassador, help promote the campaign, lobby and encourage your SU to get on board. Because let’s face it, college is expensive enough as it is, and education should be accessible to everyone.

More information about the cost of third level and the work of the USI here.

And yes, this is a real cause as opposed to this petition.

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