Yummy Festivals to visit this Autumn

By Sabina Šrámková / September 23, 2016

An Autumn in Dublin is full of food and drinks festivals and events. If you want to taste some cocktails with an Irish essence, wine from importers from around the world and some whiskey, it is a good time. Many cafes and restaurants in Smithfield and Stoneybatter are preparing different tastes for food lovers.

Smithfield and Stoneybatter Food Festival
Are you a food lover? Do you want to taste something new? Here is an opportunity for you. The Smithfield and Stoneybatter Food Festival running from 7th to 9th of October. During the second year of the Festival every visitor can  try various food in different places. Many cafes and restaurants in Smithfield and Stoneybatter are involved in the Food Festival and prepared a special menu for you. If you like Italian food and wine don’t miss the restaurant Little Italy that will welcome you with a glass of a good wine and a range of antipasti. If you prefer a cup of tea or coffee or you want to taste some breads and sweets feel free to visit a Cinnamon Cafe.

The Smithfield and Stoneybatter Food Festival means three days full of great food and drinks for everyone. Even if you don’t live in these parts of Dublin don’t hesitate to attend the Festival.

More information on: http://www.smithfieldstoneybatter.com

SPIT Festival
The SPIT Festival is a great possibility how to spend day especially for wine enthusiasts. The second year of the SPIT Festival is taking place at Smock Alley Theatre on the 13th of October.

There will be an opportunity to taste over 150 wines from independent importers:  Grapecircus, Nomad Wines, Le Caveau, Vinostito and WineMason. Uncommon wines from Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal and South Africa.

The day is divided into two parts. From 11am to 5pm the doors will be open for wine professionals. The Vine Inspiration’s Paddy Murphy, Julie Dupouy bronze medallist in the World’s Best Sommelier 2016 competition and Irish Times wine columnist and author John Wilson will be there to show the best wines in Ireland.  Visitors will have an opportunity to attend wine tasting in the second part of the day from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

The SPIT Festival means a full day of wine tasting and also delicious food that is arranged for you Green Man Wines.

More information and tickets on: http://www.spit.ie/

Irish Cocktail Fest
The Irish Cocktail Fest is the 3rd annual celebration of cocktails with Irish essence. The Festival is taking place from 10th to 15th of October in many bars, restaurants and hotels that are taking part.

Visitors will have a chance to taste cocktails in different counties of Ireland including Dublin and voting for their favourite one by Twitter or Facebook.

If you are curious about tasting different flavours of cocktails, if you want to discover new places or just go out with your friends, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of The Irish Cocktail Fest and to try something new.

More infromation on: http://www.greatirishbeverages.com/

Whiskey Live Dublin
The Whiskey Live Dublin is taking place on the 5th of November at the new city centre locality Printworks, Dublin Castle on Dame Street. The whiskey tasting event is divided into two sessions. The first one will start at 1.30pm and finish at 5.00pm and the evening part will be from 6.00pm to 9.30pm.

Visitors will see shows from traditional companies as well as from new arrivals to Irish Whiskey. They will also have an opportunity to taste some of them. If visitors are in the mood for something else, there will be food pairing and cocktails provided by Dublin´s bars and restaurants.

A part of the money from every ticket will be contributed to the charity Down Syndrome Dublin.

More information on: http://whiskeylivedublin.com/

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