8 Spanish series to learn the language 

Learning a new language like Spanish is not an easy task and can be a bit difficult not knowing exactly where to start. But one of the best options to get used to this new language is through its series, movies, music and, in general, all the audiovisual content they consume in their own country. So today I recommend you 8 Spanish series to learn Spanish.

El ministerio del tiempo

Starting with one TV show that not only will teach you Spanish, but also will introduce you to the most important Spanish historical moments, El Ministerio del Tiempo is a Spanish series in which in each chapter our main characters will travel to a moment in history. These trips, made from the Ministry of the same name by a singular patrol, have the fundamental mission of preventing the past from changing.

Aquí no hay quien viva

Probably one of the most beloved and funniest series that was on Spanish television. A comedy about a community of neighbors who share adventures and misadventures over the years. This simple premise is enough to be considered a classic of Spanish comedy and a series that is hard to forget. This series, although it was broadcast for only three years (2003-2006), was so well received that several versions of it were created in other countries, such as France, Chile, Argentina or Portugal.

Paquita Salas

Continuing with another comedy, Paquita Salas tells us the story of a failed actors’ agent who desperately seeks fame for her clients. What stands out most about the series are, without a doubt, its charismatic and hilarious characters, who make viewers cry with laughter with every mishap that happens to them.


From the same creators of the previous series, Veneno tells the story about a famous and controversial transsexual from the 90s known as “La Veneno”. Our protagonist, Cristina, was a Spanish actress, celebrity, model, prostitute and vedette. She is one of the most important LGTB icons in Spain and was one of the first women to make the transsexual community visible in the country.  

Watching Spanish TV series

El internado

If you prefer mystery and suspense series, El internado is for you. This Spanish series tells the story of two brothers who enter a boarding school where mysterious events and macabre deaths take place. For seven seasons, the students of the center will be involved in mysteries and will have to get to the bottom of the matter. 

Skam España

This Spanish series about the daily life of a group of teenagers is an adaptation of the Norwegian series Skam. The Spanish version follows the format of the original series and narrates the life of a group of teenagers and their problems, while at the same time discussing various issues such as feminism, bullying or racism.


This Catalan series, despite being in that language, can also be found in Spanish. It was one of the most successful series in recent years. The students of a high school grow and evolve thanks to their philosophy teacher, who teaches and accompanies them throughout their time at the high school. The series had a huge reception due to its characters and became one of the most endearing. 

Vis a vis 

The last Spanish series on this list, Vis a vis, tells the story of a woman who is accused of four tax crimes and consequently is imprisoned as a precautionary measure with a very high bail set. Now she’ll have to deal with the inmates in a women’s prison in Madrid and try to survive. If police and suspense series are your thing, you will definitely like this one. 

Did you know any of these Spanish series?

Miriam Font
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