Does art help us remember?

Art plays a vital role in our life. Since the prehistoric period people express their thoughts through art. Apart from that, art has been used to teach and  provide information. Art helps us to learn about other cultures, people, society, history and what is more, it helps us to remember important issues.

Linda Kennedy prepares material, in which she shows how Asian countries, where the regime is still dominating the way how a country is run, try to keep their memory about undiscovered facts and blurred history.

Furthermore, she depicts artists, who use diverse types of art to promote the remembrance of important facts. They use paintings, installations, and sculptures to present artefacts in a modern way, to erase time between the past and the present.

One of the artist, Kennedy shows in her programme, questions significant issues about past tragedies. The Vietnamese artist depicted himself on a boat  looking around for refuge in 1970. He asks us, how are we going to remember this tragedy?

Kennedy together with Caroline Ha Thuc, the curator, tries to find out what happened to political art in Asia and if it is true, that currently, art focuses on the past and is easier to understand and safer to sell than art that represents independent thinkers.



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