How to be motivated and calm during job application process

The job application process has been and will always be hectic, so why not be calm and motivated this time?

It is no secret how difficult a job hunting can be. The increasing number of layoffs by companies, whether big or small, is making it difficult for all job seekers. The high number of layoffs results in an increased number of job hunters, increasing the bar of competition and decreasing opportunities because the jobs out there in the market are limited, making it difficult to be calm during job application process. 

Hence, amidst all this, job hunting can be a big task in itself. Only the job seeker understands the pressure and challenge that it entails. Currently, there are thousands of job candidates who are already desperately looking for work around the country, compromising their mental, emotional, and physical health, and battling with anxiety every day in the hope that they will soon be able to achieve their objectives.

Hence, given below are certain ways for keeping yourself motivated and calm during job application process and make it worth it.

Practice Self-care 

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Job hunting is a very long and patient process that ultimately leads to emotional and physical exhaustion, even known as “job search fatigue.” When you feel this, it is time to pay attention to yourself and see where the fatigue derives from. Make sure to prioritize yourself by getting involved in self-care activities like eating healthy, going for a walk, doing light exercises, getting enough sleep, doing yoga, or meditating. Keep yourself motivated during the job application by doing these activities. 

Also, at times like these, it is better to be kind to yourself. After every interval, reflect on how far you have come and how much you have achieved, and reward yourself for trying relentlessly. Even if you were unable to get the job, just remember how well your interviews went and what you learned from them, which would help you further.

Having a clear mind can help you look at the process from a distance and figure out the mistakes you might be making while applying for the job. 

Connect with people

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Though job hunting is a long process, enjoy it by connecting with people in and around your industry. Reaching out to people who are already working in your industry can give you insight into the market and also help you get a hold of some tricks and tips that might be helpful. 

Prior to beginning the corporate job, it is a good idea to do some homework by learning about the individuals and work culture. A little help from them in the form of information or getting references would make a big difference in your job application process. The best places to network are often college alumni events, LinkedIn, and job fairs. 

Connecting with existing employees helps you know what the beliefs of the company are, what they aim for, how they make you part of their work culture, and whether you are even ready for such a change. But make sure you take this meeting as a guideline for applying for jobs rather than stressing yourself to change for the corporate world.

Set Boundaries

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This process ends when you finally get a job, and such a long process can make you get lost in it. Hence, it is better to set boundaries and work within them. Scheduling some days when you completely don’t search for a job search could help a little. Or maybe treat yourself to something delicious before your big interview. 

These small acts of self-service will make you feel special and help you realize the anxiety and stress that have built up in your mind. Going for a walk for fresh air, organizing yourself, taking small breaks in between, and eating healthy can be a few acts you can indulge in. Remember, not working but still overthinking and feeling guilty for not working is also stressful, and it is not good for your sanity.

Know your inner-self 

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Remember, only you know your struggles and the stress you are dealing with while the job application process. In the midst of applications, it is crucial to sit down and have a rational self-talk with yourself. Rather than negative self-talk, it is better to sit down and talk to yourself with positive words and affirmations. Rather than comparing your progress with others’ success and disappointing yourself, try to understand that everyone has a different journey and different end goals. Making yourself feel inferior by comparing yourself to others shadows your unique skills and abilities, which hinders your growth. 

Feelings like stress, anxiety, concern, and unease are also just emotions that will hinder your job application process by demotivating you and making you nervous all the time. Instead of giving them the upper hand, it is better to talk to yourself. If your feelings are taking a toll on you, reach out your hand to counselors and tell them your stories and concerns. Getting a different perspective can give you a bigger picture. 

Prioritize Properly 

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During job hunting, we often forget ourselves and focus on just applications and ways to crack a job interview. Although the whole job application process is a crucial chore, you should also focus on improving yourself, paying attention, and working on yourself.

At this time, categorize what should be done and what can be put on hold for a while. Instead of working on too many courses, it is better to work on the most important ones and upgrade yourself. Instead of just updating and tweaking your resume, it is also better to polish your skills, your behavior, and your nature as well. Remember that job hunting is just a process in your life and not your whole life, so it is necessary to not lose yourself in this crucial process. 

We often forget how important it is to be in a state of mind characterized by a sense of calmness, tranquility, and inner harmony. Though the job searching process can be a very long and tiring one, remember that it is just a process. Free your mind as much as you can from worries, anxiety, stress, and other negative thoughts. 

Hope you are able to find your job soon!

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