Jobs in Ireland: Job Sites, Agencies & CV

Are you looking for jobs in Ireland and do not know where to start? Are there too many job sites in Ireland? Here is a comprehensive guide on how best to navigate through the Irish job market. 

During the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, many have been left without jobs all over the world. Fortunately, the Irish economy is not the worst affected and many companies are still hiring. Some sectors have even reported having benefited from the new regulations with many adapting their business models effectively in time. It makes Ireland a great option for job seekers. 

1. Jobs in Ireland: Ireland has many international companies

Before you look for job websites in Ireland, note that one of the most effective ways to get your application straight into the hiring managers’ inboxes is to apply directly to companies’ websites. Luckily for you, Ireland has many multinational corporations including Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay and KPMG.

Companies in Ireland also have a quite developed corporate culture where getting a reference from someone inside the company will increase your chances. If you have no connections in Ireland, all you have to do is to develop your LinkedIn connections. Reach out to people working in the company you want to apply for. Since referring people can have a hefty financial reward, many will respond to you positively. 

2. Apply for jobs on LinkedIn

Just like any developed country, Irish hiring managers tend to be quite active on LinkedIn. Aside from reviewing applications, it is quite common for recruiters to head-hunt. Many job websites also directly update their openings on LinkedIn, so it deserves a section on its own.

If you have a LinkedIn account, make sure to have your profile setting to ‘#OpenToWork’. After updating your profile to ☆All-Star, connect with as many people working in Talent Acquisition roles as possible. You can do this by simply searching ‘Talent Acquisition’ in people on the LinkedIn search. They will update your feed with possible job opportunities. 

How to tailor your CV for the Irish job market

3. Irish Job Posting Websites

Companies also regularly post their openings on job websites in Ireland. Here are the top websites you can check out. 

For graduates, there are also many virtual job fares. Keep an eye out for them by subscribing to the following website. 

Part-time, freelance and other odd jobs in Ireland can also be searched on the following websites:

4. Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can be a good alternative to applying through job sites in Ireland. Unlike many countries, there are a ton of recruitment agencies here. Once you are on any agency’s radar, they will regularly update you on job openings that you may qualify for and will follow through your entire application process. However, before you say yes to any recruitment agency, make sure to consider other options. For one thing, it is always better to apply with referees from inside the company if possible.

It is no secret that recruitment agencies take their cut if they bring in the right candidate with a lower salary expectation. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply directly if your professional experience is less than 2 years. And it is even more important to choose the best recruitment agencies if you do go for one.

Here are some of the leading recruitment agencies in Ireland. 

5. Irish CV standards

Before you click the submit button for your dream job, make sure to check your CV. An Irish CV may not necessarily be the same as the one you use in your country. Here is brief information on how Irish CV:

  • Usually 2 pages max
  • No picture
  • Include hobbies & interests towards the end
  • Soft skills are just as important as hard skills. 

Read more about the Irish CV standard here.

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