Similar sports, similar emotions

The same day when Americans were going crazy during Super Bowl, the Irishmen went to pubs in green T-shirts and caps. I do not know if I will ever understand American football or rugby, but I like how people are celebrating them.

Over 100 million people were watching how the Denver Broncos were destroying Carolina Panthers. The score was 24-10, so it was close to a massacre. It is more surprising that the Panthers were favorites as they had only lost one match in regular season. The same day of happiness was not for rugby supporters in Ireland. You know the situation when you are close to write a Noble-worthy book and finish with the instructions of a toaster ? That happened to the Ireland team who were leading 13 to 0 against Wales and only drew 16:16 at the end.

Happily, very often simple emotions are more important than sports results. Just be realistic. There are not so many American football fans in USA as it looks like at a Super Bowl game. It’s just a national fate. A long time ago people were meeting numerously on birthdays or weddings. Now people are spending their personal important dates alone but in the same time going in large groups for Super Bowls.
The same thing happened yesterday to the Iris. Rugby is a very important sport for them. Maybe only one of few in which they have good results. So they couldn’t watch it alone in the houses. Especially because it was a game against culturally similar country, a close neighbour. It was my first time in Dublin seeing so many people in their national colours. This day, a lot of alcohol was consumed and even more bad words were used to offend rivals. And this is why we love sport.


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