6 March Events to check out this weekend

Weekend Wonders: Your Guide to March’s First Weekend Events.

Explore the diverse and exciting events happening in Dublin, ranging from juggling workshops to intimate music concerts and electrifying rave parties.

Friday 1st March

Juggling for beginners (adults)

Discover march events with the Art of Juggling with Fadi Zmorrod! Join them for weekly juggling workshops with circus artist Fadi Zmorrod. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, come learn and have fun with us! No equipment needed, just your enthusiasm. Book now!

Start: 12:00pm (From Friday 1st to 22nd March)

Tickets: https://richmondbarracks.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/1173652843 

Venue: Richmond Barracks, off Bulfin Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8

Price: free
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Evening with Cappella in Dublin: Relive the Magic of 90s Dance!

The Euro dance music legends, Cappella, set Dublin on fire with an unforgettable intimate concert. With their iconic hits like “You Gotta Know,” the night was filled with nostalgia and pure energy. An evening for 90s music enthusiasts not to miss during march events!

Start: At 11:00 pm 

Tickets: https://thesoundhouse.ie/tc-events/cappella-live/   

Venue: Sound House, 28 Eden Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland

Price: €15

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Saturday  2nd March

TRP Presents: Techno Den vs Psytrance Neon Rave Party

Dive into a neon world where beats come alive and you can create live art with UV paint. Face painters will also be present for these first events of march. Techno and Psytrance meet in a music battle across two energetic stages.

On the Techno Den stage, 4 DJs will get you dancing to TRP beats.

On the other side, 4 Psytrance DJs will ignite the night with captivating sounds.

As these two worlds blend, immerse yourself in a sea of neon colors and dance to the music, Metatron decorations, and The Crew Dublin’s light show.

Expect an evening of exceptional electronic performances in TRP’s underground rave style. Check out our Instagram for highlights of our recent Dublin parties.

Start: Opens 10:00 PM

Tickets: https://fixr.co/event/techno-den-vs-psytrance-neon-rave-party-by-trp-tickets-650491576?ref=r_AdaWaklypg   

Venue: Bow Lane Social Dublin 2

Price: €8

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DJ JØRD Live at So Below: An Intimate Night of Unforgettable Beats!

Get ready for an extraordinary and intimate night as DJ JØRD takes center stage at So Below! Supported by our favorites Souzac and CMS, this promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with pulsating beats and electrifying energy.

With tickets extremely limited for this exclusive event, now’s your chance to secure your spot for a night to remember. Don’t miss out! Grab your tickets now through the link in their bio!

Start: Opens 10:00 PM

Tickets: https://www.instagram.com/vibezemotion/ 

Venue: So Below

Price: €10

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Sunday 3rd March

Irish Women In Jazz presents Mayflyes

Meet Mayflyes, the newly-formed jazz vocal trio from Ireland, who are making waves with their captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity. With a sound that pays homage to the golden age of jazz while infusing contemporary influences, Mayflyes are quickly gaining recognition for their unique approach to three-part vocal harmony which you can discover at march events.

Comprised of Róisín Mulliez, Elizabeta Jornea, and Emily Jane Cooke, Mayflyes bring a fresh perspective to the world of jazz. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including bluegrass, folk, and 90s-2000s RnB, the trio’s repertoire transcends traditional boundaries, offering listeners a rich and dynamic musical experience.

Whether performing beloved classics from the jazz canon or exploring vocal harmony-rich idioms, Mayflyes’ passion for storytelling and musical expression shines through in every performance. Their seamless blend of old and new creates an immersive and unforgettable auditory journey for audiences of all ages. 

Join them !

Start: Opens 10:00 PM


Venue: The Workman’s Club

Price: €10

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Unleash the Vibes: Brazilian Reggae Night Featuring Natiruts and Armandinho Special

Get ready to groove once again, as Fibber Magees brings you another edition of Brazilian Reggae Night, and this time it’s a Natiruts and Armandinho special! A full 6-piece band will put on a spectacular show you won’t want to miss for the first events of march!

Join them at the famous Fibbers pub, where the basement stage will come alive with the infectious rhythms of Brazilian reggae. From iconic hits by Natiruts and Armandinho to classics by other renowned national reggae artists such as Ponto de Equilíbrio, Maneva, Mato Seco, Planta e Raiz, Chimarruts, Tribo de Jah, Edson Gomes, Rael, Criolo, Filosofia Reggae and, of course, the timeless tunes of Bob Marley, The Wailers and many more, the evening promises to be an unforgettable celebration of reggae culture.

With a line-up that transcends generations and genres, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard reggae fan or simply looking for a night of good music and positive vibes, Brazilian Reggae Night is sure to please.

So mark your calendars and spread the word! Join them at Fibbers for a night of iridescent melodies, soulful rhythms and lots of love. Let’s get together and dance the night away to the sounds of Brazil’s finest reggae artists!

Start: Opens 8 PM


Venue: Live Music Venue, Parnell street/  DOWNSTAIRS STAGE

Price: €10


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