A taste of indian cuisine in galway city

Visit these restaurants in Galway for a taste of the best Indian dishes

Indian culture is a significant part of the vibrant multicultural community in Galway City. The cuisine is praised for its taste globally, and Galway is no exception. 

The city is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere making it inclusive for various cultures to thrive.

With a huge population of Indians in the city, several restaurants offering the best of Indian cuisine have made their way in Galway, catering not only to the Indian community but also attracting locals and the international community interested in exploring authentic Indian cuisine. 

The restaurants offer a vast variety of popular Indian dishes, and many have used authentic Indian spices and ingredients to create a cuisine which gives the Indians a taste of home. 

If you are in Galway or planning to visit soon, don’t forget to visit these restaurants!

Kumar’s Taste of Asia 

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Location: 2 Flood St, Galway, H91 P2E0

A restaurant that welcomes you with a lovely ambience full of brilliant colours and wall hangings, making you feel at home while offering complimentary papadums before your meal.

The restaurant has a special deal for dinner for two, making it the ideal location for a date.

The samosas and pakoras can’t be missed for starters.

For all the vegetarians finding it hard to find a perfect place with a wide choice of selections, Kumar’s is your safe haven with a variety of options which will (rarely ever!) make you confused over what to eat. Dal Makhani – a great choice! 

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten the student population in the city with their 10 per cent discount from Tuesday-Thursday. Does it get any better than this? 

Eastern Tandoori

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Location: 2 – 3 Spanish Parade, Galway

Located in the heart of the city, Eastern Tandoori has a great setting for a classy date or a lovely family get-together. 

A pleasant environment with an extensive menu and best of all – generous portions! 

Eating here is a true treat, with meals like Lamb boti kebab, Tikka masala, Tandoori butter chicken, Vegetable biryani, and others filled with a variety of spices and exquisite flavours.


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Location: 3 Buttermilk Walk, Galway, H91 XRX2

A menu offering diversity just like the country, India itself! 

All of the dishes have a traditional touch while offering exciting options. According to the restaurant’s own description, it is “a contemporary restaurant offering a traditional Indian dining experience to satisfy all aspects of Indian cuisine.” 

A simple interior with meals that will make you eat every last bite. Chilli masala is a must-try for everyone who can handle a little spice. (be careful, it’s hot!)

Masala prawn and vegetable kebab can’t be missed either. While you’re there, why not try the Tulsi special curry as well? 


IMG 6769 scaled
Location: Kilderry House, 10 Fairhill Rd Lower, Galway

A set menu for two would be the ideal choice as it comes with a bottle of house wine. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

The restaurant provides the best of Kashmiri and Nepali dishes with a variety of vegetarian options available. Located in the Centre of the city, it is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Galway. 

Kashmir is a must-try restaurant because of the fantastic quantities, welcoming staff, and delicious options, including Tikka masala, Korma, and Lamb Balti. 

Spice India 

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Location: 2-4, Bridgewater Court, Fairhill Rd Lower, Dominick St Lower, Galway

As the name suggests, the restaurant is known for its herbs and spices. 

Nobody enjoys having to wait a long time for food. The good news is that they offer quick service and reasonably priced food with authentic flavours and a perfect mix of spices. 

Biryani, Pakora, and Paneer Chilli Masala are a must-try. If you’re fond of spices, Kolhapuri dishes cannot be overlooked. 

The kids have an appetising menu for themselves as well. 

Any dish you pick from the variety of options available, it is guaranteed to be delicious, and what’s best is that it is easy on the pocket!

Galway Indian Street Food 

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Location: Galway Market – Eyre Square

For anyone who is from India or has visited India knows the importance of street food and the love we have for it. Deep down, we all know it’s the best!

Here, you will enjoy the best Indian food Galway has to offer. 

From Samosas to Chole bhature to Pav bhaji to Crispy wraps – the menu will have you ordering more than you can eat.

From the best food to enjoying the food on the streets freshly made in front of you, it is a must-try if you ever visit Galway.

The food truck is available from Wednesday-Sunday in Eyre Square at the Galway market. 

The best staff, the best food! 


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