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Gift-giving. Trying, testing and oh so stressful. Any occasion, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s or Christmas leaves me longing to have telepathic abilities! Will the person like it? Will my budget allow it? Will they use it – or will it end up being just another dust-collector? Especially at this time of year, as we edge nearer and nearer to Christmas, I can feel my stress levels rising ever more…

So, if you share the ‘gift-giving dread’ with myself, you’ll be able to equally appreciate that every bit of inspiration helps. So, for useful and timeless year-round gift ideas, suited for a range of budgets and that’ll do the trick for almost anyone, keep reading.

Gift a Memory…

Memories last a lifetime, so why not give a gift that is guaranteed to last.

Attractiontix is a worldwide site offering attraction and theme park tickets at affordable prices. Perhaps your best friend fancies a trip to Disneyland Paris, or you want to treat your sibling to a Harry Potter Studio Tour or you and your partner want a romantic getaway in Iceland seeing the Northern Lights?

Why not treat someone special to an unforgettable experience and help them on their way to making memories that they will love and appreciate for years to come.

Attractiontix are an authorised broker for tickets to some of the world’s biggest and most sought-after attractions and events in over 15 countries, with customers on average rating their experience with Attractiontix to be excellent.

How About an Essential…

Why not help someone in your life soothe their daily stress, whether it be from work, personal commitments or otherwise, give them a gift that will help calm their anxious nerves and clear their heads. 

BCalm, standing for Be Collectively All Living Mind, is a family business whose passion is to help people and families create their own sense of calm and ambience in their home.  

They source their 100% pure organic essential oils from around the world, and you can choose from a range of their signature scents to suit any and every preference and taste.  

Why not stick to their signature day scent, composed of three separate essential oils – Lavender, Frankincense and Orange – to relax, focus and become uplifted. Likewise, their night scent, bringing tranquillity and peace, featuring Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium essential oils, is the perfect mood booster.

Arguably a necessity in every household, what better thing to do than gift BCalm to someone you care about to show that their wellbeing is at the forefront of your mind.

esssential oil

Keep Them Happy and Healthy…

Trends of self-love and self-care have started to surface in recent years, and more and more companies are surfacing who produce products designed to help individuals achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Botanycl is a healthcare supplement company that is natural, vegan and cruelty free. Its biggest hit is its Skinclear Elixir, a botanical formula for women designed to resolve skin problems by targeting the root cause – hormone fluctuations. Grounded in science, the elixir is rich in omegas, vitamins A and C and antioxidants, supporting a healthy body and skin healing.

Botanycl also offers individual health supplements, including vegan Vitamin D, essential for many aspects of our general health and wellbeing and Vitamin C for healthy immune functioning, and both of which contribute to healthy, clear skin.

Give the gift of confidence to someone you love come the next holiday or occasion. 

Give Gifts that’ll Last…

Why not give a useful and environmentally friendly gift to a friend or loved one?

Inspire Uplift is a website offering fun, practical and inspiring products to millions of their fans and followers worldwide. If you can think of it, Inspire Uplift probably has it.

As practicality is everything nowadays, why not give a gift that you know they’ll use, and that is helping the planet in the long run.

For example, the reusable grocery trolley bags, designed with eco-friendly recycled supplies, are easy to use and perfect for those big shopping trips – they’ll never have to buy plastic bags again.

We all love eating a cheeky cupcake, biscuit or slice of cake, but how about a nifty little tool to gift to those who love baking them as well? These safe silicone muffin cups save on having to buy throw-away muffin cases every time you bake and cut back on the waste as well! Making them feel even better when they’re chowing down on those tasty treats!

 What About Something Special…

Give them something special come the next special occasion. The Jewel Hut is an online jewellery retailer selling fine jewellery, watches and well-known brands in the jewellery industry, including Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Swarovski to name but a few.

They even offer an in-house engraving service available for products in their jewellery collections – to let them know just how much you love them and to make your gift just that little bit more special.

A Tasty Treat Perhaps?

Now this couldn’t truly be a well-rounded gift guide without something to tantalise the taste buds, could it?

Bake Me A Gift is the perfect solution to satisfy someone with a sweet tooth. From oven to door, they offer delicious handmade brownies in a sumptuous array of flavours, including their original Ultimate Brownies, Chocolate Orange Delight, Caramel Combo, Cookies n Cream Dreams, Minty Temptations and Lushberry. A number of their brownies are also available gluten free.

They also offer greetings cards to accompany your tasty treats for that special someone. Unfortunately, Bake Me A Gift is only available in the UK, however, if you have friends and family in the UK, this is a unique (and equally delicious) gift option for every occasion!

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Special Delivery?

To keep your taste buds tingling, let’s stay on the topic of edible gifts for a little longer.

The iconic Cadbury company offers fans the opportunity to buy Cadbury gifts for their loved ones all year around at Cadbury Gifts Direct. From their classic Dairy Milk bars to their more festive Freddo and Friends Selection Box, there’s a whole host of options for the chocolate lovers in your life.

You can even personalise a product to make it that extra bit special.

This service is based in and available for delivery in the UK and usually delivers internationally however, at the time of writing this, their international delivery has been suspended until further notice.

Don’t Forget about Man’s Best Friends…

Even your furry friends need a gift every special occasion. Barking Heads and Meowing Heads are an online dog and cat food store offering nutritious and delicious dry and wet food and treats for your canine or feline companion.  

They boast natural, healthy and additive free recipes filled with high quality natural ingredients that are ethically sourced to keep your best friend happy and healthy.

You can even try out one of their trial subscriptions for free, so what have you got to lose?

For the Nomads and Travel-Obsessed…

I’m sure most of us can definitively say we know someone who is a self-professed travel lover.

Charlie the Traveller offers travel guides for avid travellers to show them how to explore some of the world’s most phenomenal destinations whilst helping them save money at the same time.

The guides are informative, entertaining and, most importantly, concise – something we can all appreciate.

The guides cover all corners of the globe, showing you everything and anything countries and continents have to offer – the most popular, the most underrated and the most mesmerising. Even the most well-travelled individuals will find something to pique their interest in these top-tier guides.

Or for the Coffee Connoisseurs… 

We all know an avid coffee drinker, so why not give them a gift that keeps on giving (and keeps their caffeine-addiction at bay!).

Rise Coffee Box is the best option for any caffeine-obsessed individual you know. It is the UK’s number 1 award winning coffee subscription that delivers to all corners of the world, so no one misses out on this steal of a gift.

Boxes include bags of premium speciality coffee, tasty treats, nibbles and snacks from their partners, recipe cards and more.

Subscriptions are offered either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly, or you can even get their speciality coffee box as a one-off gift if you’d prefer.

£1 of each box is even donated to Crisis UK, an organisation dedicated to helping the homeless, so your gift is even giving back and helping those who need it.

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So, which gift idea is your favourite, and more importantly, who are you getting it for?

Charlotte Pitts
Charlotte Pitts

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