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EU/EAA Students: A guide to university applications in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 22, 2020

Struggling to get the uni application done properly? Or not sure about how to apply to a PostGrad course? Fear not, we are here to save you! We have put together a bullet-pointed guide on how to apply to universities in Ireland as an EU/EAA Student. The European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area […]


A journey through the past: a guide to the ancient sites in Ireland

By Emma Grove / January 21, 2020

Transport yourself back to Ireland’s mystical history by discovering some of the ancient sites in Ireland.  The misty grey skies of this stoic island carry a whisper on the wind of ages past. Druidic tradition and bardic tales contained within the annals of Irish history lay the legend of the ancient sites in Ireland. Many […]


7 Dublin gyms: Get in shape before summer comes

By Peter Dlhopolec / January 20, 2020

Looking for somewhere to work out after work, or just somewhere that fits your budget? Dublin hides numerous fitness centres and gyms to choose from. Some people, and not just in Dublin, are determined to take up exercising in a gym twice a year: at the beginning of each year as part of the New […]


Wilderness Express: Ireland’s six National Parks

By Jacqueline Russe / January 17, 2020

Ireland is known for having varied and spectacular scenery. If you want to see stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife, just visit one of Ireland’s six national parks. National parks are protected areas of natural beauty and habitat to numerous plant and animal species, even protected ones. For its size, Ireland has incredibly diverse nature, with […]


A taste of home: The best Asian markets in Dublin

By Emma Grove / January 16, 2020

 Chinese New Year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than authentic Chinese ingredients from some of Dublin’s best asian markets! Chinese New Year is in a few short weeks and what better way to prepare than checking out some of the Best Asian markets in Dublin. Fresh fish, spring rolls, rice balls, […]


Lunchtime, munch-time! Best delis in Dublin!

By Emma Grove / January 16, 2020

Trade in your meal deal in for a scrumptious sandwich courtesy of the best delis in Dublin! Sandwiches are the life and soul of the Irish mid-day meal. That’s why every Spar and Centra have a deli counter, waiting – nay – preying on hungry souls like you and I who are just looking for […]


Top 10 traditional Irish restaurants

By Jacqueline Russe / January 15, 2020

Do you want to eat a typical Irish stew or some locally caught seafood? Try one of these traditional Irish restaurants! When coming to Ireland you shouldn’t miss out on traditional Irish cuisine. The country is known for its variety of spirits and beers, but what is a good drink without some fantastic food to […]


Coffee addicts anonymous: Independent cafes in Dublin

By Emma Grove / January 14, 2020

Let 2020 be the year of supporting local green businesses by taking a peek at our list of some of the best independent cafes in Dublin. Independent cafes in Dublin are a dime a dozen. It seems every week there are new artisan roasters and eco-friendly cafes opening up all over the city. However, international […]


And that’s the tea! Best tea rooms in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 8, 2020

If you, like me, are a great lover of tea, the miraculous hot drink, especially in such a cold and dark season (global warming definitely involved!), then this article is for you. That’s why we thought that in order to make this winter less difficult, it would be appropriate to suggest some of the best […]

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