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World Blood Donor Day

By Heidi / June 14, 2019

Every year millions of blood and blood product transfusions are needed to save lives. Every few seconds there are people in need of blood because of trauma, surgery, childbirth complications or anaemia due to different causes. Safe blood is needed, a lot more often than you might think. Today is ‘World Blood Donor Day’ or […]


E-scooter: easy for anyone who uses, but still illegal in Ireland

By Rodrigo Valadares / May 29, 2019

Cars, buses, trains, trucks and bicycles are means of transportation that make up the traffic of big cities. The streets of Dublin have a new type of transport: electric scooters. The e-scooters, as they are already called, have more than 2 million units sold in the US and Europe. The vehicle is considered sustainable and […]


Dublin: first steps for non-European students

By Rodrigo Valadares / May 23, 2019

Every day many new students arrive in Dublin to learn English and live the local culture. But for there to be no problems in this way, one must be attentive to the demands of immigration. The first barrier for non-English speakers is the language. The Irish have a very difficult accent to understand. Of course […]


Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages

By Andreina Gonzalez / May 16, 2019

Electric cars An electric car (EV) is an alternative fuel automobile that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion. It uses energy stored in its rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity. The electric car made its first appearance in the 1880s. Yet, at the moment its market is small as so […]


How to find a room in Dublin

By Heidi / May 14, 2019

Finding a room to rent long-term in Dublin can be a tough one. Overall the housing situation here has come to a head. Dublin has made it into the top 5 most expensive cities in Europe to rent. ‘The silicon valley of Europe’ I hear people say, which might not even be that far off considering […]


Top 10 Coffee Places in Dublin

By Ilse / May 13, 2019

Here’s the thing, I love coffee. I think by now my Instagram is at least 75% pictures of cute coffees I’m drinking. So since, I’m spending so much time (and money) discovering lovely little coffee shops in town I thought I’d share them with you. Now, a small disclaimer, I’m not an expert. I’ve never […]


Shoe Lane Coffee

By Ilse / April 29, 2019

Shoe Lane is one of my favourite coffee places in town. It’s in Tara Street, so it’s a little bit out of the way of my normal route but I still catch myself going the extra mile to just sit there and relax and write a little. The shop itself has some of the remnants […]


Adopting an animal is good for your health.

By Rodrigo Valadares / April 25, 2019

They may not seem like it, but whoever adopts animals is benefiting mentally and physically. An animal can increase the self-esteem and safety of the adopter, which brings a direct benefit to a mental health. Dogs are able to lower anxiety levels and sedentary lifestyles of their owners. Healthy living for both. Having an animal […]


The Return of the Expats

By Yvonne Pollard / April 17, 2019

Statistics released this year revealed that, for the first time since 2008, more Irish are returning from abroad than are emigrating. This news was met with great joy nationwide, and was seen as a sure sign that the economy had recovered. Helen Smyth, 29, is one of those returning expats. She says her reasons for […]

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