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How to move to a new home without stress

By Kamila Mushkina / August 12, 2020

Everyone who has ever moved to a new home knows it’s never easy. It causes a lot of stress and requires time, energy and money. Do you want to learn how to pack and move without stress? Then keep reading. Start early Seriously. Of course, you’re busy at work and tired, and besides, you might […]


5 movies about immigration

By Marieke Oggel / August 12, 2020

Immigration is an important and highly relevant topic of our time, so it’s no wonder that it is a source of inspiration for many filmmakers in their storytelling. Of course, there is no singular immigrant experience. However, through these stories, filmmakers have the power to give a voice to the underrepresented. Films can challenge stereotypes, […]


Belfast to-do guides: pubs & bars

By Emily Booth / August 11, 2020

From old, traditional Irish pubs, to arcade-style haunts, to fancy cocktail bars. Belfast is rammed full of excellent bars and pubs for going out. Whether for a quiet pint, or something a bit more lively, or upmarket, there truly is plenty for everyone and every occasion.  Stuck with where to start? We shortlisted seven of […]


Marathon training during Covid-19

By Katie Boland / August 11, 2020

We all know how gruelling and tough training for anything is. Training for a marathon is more so as it is as much mental as it is physical. With the Dublin marathon cancelled this year because of Covid-19, the motivation to keep training dims and you find yourself back at the start. It can be […]


Having a positive experience on social media

By Kamila Mushkina / August 10, 2020

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… Social media has become inseparable from our lives. We endlessly scroll the feed, and sometimes it brings a negative impact on our time management and mental health. Is it possible to only have a positive experience on social media? Of course! Let’s make social media a better place! Stop playing the […]


7 of the best veggie burgers in Dublin

By Marieke Oggel / August 7, 2020

Having a burger once in a while is good for the soul, and who’s to say they’re only for meat-eaters? The huge recent shift in attitude towards meat consumption in Ireland means that plant-based options are more available than ever before. Dublin is ahead of the game, and was even pronounced the most vegan-friendly city […]


Nine speed cube tips you need to know to get quick times!

By Katie Boland / August 6, 2020

With the Netflix documentary Speed Cuber hitting the small screen on July 29 there is no doubt a lot of people are wondering, just how are they able to complete a Rubik’s cube that quickly? Lucky for us, it’s quite easy to solve a Rubik’s cube as it is just a memory game. It will […]


7 spots to swim in Dublin

By Marieke Oggel / August 3, 2020

With some sunny days predicted for August this year, why not make the most of the final month of summer and head out for a dip? Here are seven of the loveliest spots to swim in Dublin. All places mentioned are accessible from the city centre on the DART or Dublin bus. 1. Vico baths […]


The Freshers of 2020

By Aoife McDowell / July 29, 2020

Starting university is usually one of the most exciting times in a person’s life.  Freshers week, which is usually made up of various outings and activities is a great way to get a feel for university, meet new people and make friends on the same course. However, with the Coronavirus still causing major disruption to […]


Aussie road trip around Ireland

By Emily Booth / July 28, 2020

While we’ve all been stuck in lockdown for the last goodness-knows-how-long, dreams of travel as trip away have certainly been on our minds. Whether social media is showing you reminders of your ventures this time last year, or you’ve been locked into the Coronavirus-related travel news, figuring when you can next safely jet across the […]

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