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Culture shocks for the Irish in Spain: My personal experience

By Conor Lynch / May 28, 2020

From regular lobster-esque sunburn to the all-too-familiar “are you from London” question, let’s just say life in Spain hasn’t been all rosy since my move from Galway to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, back in June of 2018. Culture shock after culture shock has constantly dominated my Spanish life so far. Not to mention the […]


Gratitude Journal: how to make yourself happier

By Tami Pereira / May 27, 2020

We wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have bad thoughts. Love and hatred both rule the world, but even the last one seems to be the more prevalent. When the balance tips so much on one side, the other option seems impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, starting a gratitude journal is a good beginning to restore […]


Irish food combinations that’ll make your jaw drop

By Sofiya Volvakova / May 25, 2020

Ireland is a small country with a distinct gastronomic taste. While the Japanese take pride in their sushi and sashimi, the French stick to their truffles and snails, and the Italians eat their prosciutto on a piece of bruschetta bread, Ireland rapidly opens up and embraces new cuisines. The result? Find out now! Garlic sauce, […]


Irish banter-based humour: What makes it so unique?

By Conor Lynch / May 25, 2020

Dark and unapologetic in nature, the banter-based Irish sense of humour is, well, simply quite special. Add a splash of self-deprecation and slagging into the mix and voilá. Irish banter-based humour is certainly unique. Rest assured you will scarcely find a kind of humour like it. A humour that defines a nation the way the […]


Eating Healthy During Quarantine

By Lucía Ramírez / May 2, 2020

Being at home for so long and leading a sedentary life due to the Coronavirus pandemic can cause major changes in our organisms. Therefore, this can be a great opportunity to change our eating habits and feel full of energy. But you may ask yourself: how can I eat healthy during quarantine? In this article […]


5 Netflix shows to understand non-touristy Tokyo

By Ayumi Miyano / April 25, 2020

The longer we stay at home, the more we miss travelling around the world. But we can still go for imaginary trips to foreign cities by watching international movies and series, or even learn more about the reality of the city which guide books rarely tell you about. Today, we introduce 5 shows available on […]


Messages from spiritual teachers to coexist with coronavirus anxiety

By Ayumi Miyano / April 21, 2020

Currently, Covid-19 is undoubtedly a threat to our physical as well as mental health. On this occasion, lots of healthcare facilities are introducing us to clinical methods to handle Coronavirus anxiety. However, what is the meaning of  “handling anxiety”? Is there a way to get rid of anxiety? Are there any ways to coexist with […]


Productive Quarantine: Develop Your Hidden Talents During Lockdown

By Tami Pereira / April 11, 2020

There are two types of people during quarantine: the ones who watch Netflix all day and all night long and procrastinate and the ones that try to be productive. If you are part of the ‘productive quarantine’ group, keep reading, we have some ideas for you!   Playing an instrument Music heals. The vast majority […]


Let the egg-sperts talk: two Easter menus for your quarantine.

By Carlotta Cutrale / April 9, 2020

With this quarantine, you might have lost track of time and you haven’t realised this Sunday is already Easter! We understand the feeling and we are totally on board with the haziness of going to any Lidl (within 2kms, of course) and start buying literally everything (By the way, no do not do this!). To […]

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